Two tradesmen standing on individual ladders clearing gutters from a roof of a house.

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Some common gutter cleaning jobs we help with

Debris removal

Including leaves, vegetation, twigs.

Clearing overflow

Including blocked gutters.

Gutter inspections

Check they're working efficiently.

Installing gutter guards

Protect gutters from debris.

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Frequently asked questions

Gutter specialists with RACV Trades will help assess your gutters to determine what may be required. This may involve cleaning, replacement or repair of your gutters. This includes jobs big and small – here’s a list of more common everyday jobs we can help with.

Gutter specialists with RACV Trades will give you a quote upfront so you know how much the job will cost before the work begins. If the nature of the job changes, your tradie will discuss what’s required and check you’re happy to continue before we update your quote.

Every gutter specialist is vetted by experienced industry specialists to ensure they are accredited, licensed and insured to perform the works required. 

To meet our high quality standards, our vetting and quality assurance process includes:

  • interviews with tradies
  • confirmation of licenses and insurance
  • thorough training and induction
  • regular auditing of completed works.

With RACV Trades, we provide you with a local tradie near you based on what you need done.

You’ll get one quote with a clear outline of the price for the job. 

Your repair is likely to be an emergency if it affects the safety or security of your home.

If your home repair is an emergency, call us on 13 46 63.

A rapid response plumber, electrician or locksmith will arrive, usually within the hour.

Anyone can get a quote for home improvements or access emergency trades, even if you're not a member.

If you want access to unlimited* emergency callouts per year, you can purchase an Emergency Home Assist annual plan. This will also provide you with an RACV Membership and access to a range of benefits and discounts.

*Subject to the Fair Use Policy. For more information, read the RACV Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions (PDF, 3.4 MB).

If you're unhappy with the work or service provided, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact us by phone, email, mail, or in a retail store.

Learn more about our feedback and complaints process.

To reschedule your job booking, it’s best you contact your tradie directly to organise another time that suits you both.  

If you’re not able to contact your tradie, give us a call on 1300 481 462 so we can help.

Most RACV Trades quotes are free, and provided with no obligation to proceed. Your tradie may need to do a site inspection to give you the most accurate quote.

You may have to pay for a site inspection if further investigation is required to determine the problem. Your tradie will confirm any required payment upfront, prior to arranging a time with you.

Deposits for certain jobs

If your quote is above $1,000, we generally require a deposit before work begins. This is usually 20% of the total cost.

RACV Trades carries a 12-month warranty on labour from the date that work is complete.

If a part or fitting is faulty or doesn’t meet quality standards, RACV Trades is here to help.

If you are unhappy with the quality of the work after it’s completed, the first step is to contact your tradie to see how they can help.

If you still need help, please let us know as soon as you can. You can contact us by phone, email, mail, or in a retail store.

Learn more about our feedback and complaints process.

For more information read the RACV Trades terms and conditions.

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RACV Trades is a trading name of RACV's trade partner, Club Home Response Pty Ltd (Victorian registered domestic building practitioner number CDB-U 100178). All works are performed or arranged by Club Home Response Pty Ltd. trading as RACV Trades. See RACV Trades terms and conditions.