Aerial view of solar panels installed on an ocean-side Wye River home.

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A beautiful solar system for a stunning Wye River home

After his original home was destroyed by bushfire, Phillip rebuilt, working with an architect to make the most of the stunning location, working with the landscape.

He wanted a sustainable home, but not at the expense of aesthetics. Fortunately, solar panels have come a long way since being purely functional in design.

Working with RACV Solar, Philip decided to follow our recommendations to install an all-black system that would also stand up to the harsh coastal conditions. This sleek look perfectly complemented the modern style of the home, while the panels and components were selected for their durability and outstanding warranties under these specific conditions.

Key numbers*

Annual savings

$2600 saved each year (approx.)

System capacity

10.4 kW solar system

Carbon savings

14.5 tonnes of carbon saved each year

Components used

Solar panels

32 x Winaico 325W all-black panels


Fronius Symo - 8.2kW 3 phase inverter

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*The statistics for RACV Solar customers have been calculated based on the following assumptions: the site's prior electricity consumption and tariffs, 3D modelling software for commercial and complicated residential sites (identifying shade/structures that impact performance), local sunlight irradiance and climate data, Victorian grid electricity emissions intensity factor of 1.12 kg CO2 eq / kWh, and average home system size in Victoria.