RACV + Direct Connect

Focus on the big things when it comes to moving and let Direct Connect handle everything else

What does Direct Connect do?

  • Moving house made easy

    Not only can Direct Connect help connect your utilities, internet and phone, they can also organise cleaners, removalists and truck hire so you’re free to focus on the big things.

  • Always on guarantee

    When you connect with one of their leading electricity and gas suppliers, Direct Connect guarantee your services will be ready on the day you move in.*

  • Experienced moving experts

    Whether you need help with one service or all of them, Direct Connect's experienced team of moving experts will look after you, tailoring the service to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about Direct Connect

How can Direct Connect assist me with my move?

Direct Connect helps make moving easy by connecting services such as electricity, water and gas for the day of your move, along with offering a range of other moving services, all at no cost to you.

Do I need to take up all services?

You can choose as many services as you need. Direct Connect’s moving experts will offer you a tailored service to suit your moving needs in one phone call. 

* The customer acknowledges that the utility and other services will be activated according to any applicable regulations relevant to the utility and other service providers. The customer accepts the time frames and terms and conditions of the requested utility and other service providers.