Home Security FAQ

General questions about purchasing home security  

Will I have a discount on my insurance policy?

Yes, if you were to purchase an RACV security alarm system or switch to RACV monitoring with an RACV Home Insurance contents policy, you will receive up to a 20% premium reduction on your policy.  To be entitled to the maximum premium reduction you would need to purchase a security alarm system that meets insurer’s specifications and is professionally monitored.  Please contact Home Insurance for more information or to check to see how much discount you may be entitled to.

What information do I need prior to installation date?

Prior to installation, you will receive a welcome pack which will provide a checklist of what to do prior to installation.   This will include ensuring that all your details are correct, downloading the applicable App as well as getting your contact list ready.

What if I have pets? Can I have security?

If you are purchasing a home security system, RACV has pet friendly detectors which mean you can have a small pet inside when the system is armed. CCTV can work with pets without any disruption

Can my house be hardwired?

Yes, however this depends on the construction of your home.  RACV has quality wireless options as well so systems can be fitted in any home without compromising your security.

Do you have sensors in every room?

No, sensors should be placed close to entry points and in areas intruders are most likely to enter.  Our expert security consultants can advise on how many sensors you should have in your home.

How do I secure doors/windows?

Doors & windows can be secured by reed switches.  Reed switch use a magnetic field and detect intruders when the doors or windows are opened. Glass breaks are also available.

RACV Home Security systems can be tailored to have doors and windows secured at night, when you’re at home.

RACV Smart Home Security Alarm System Product Questions

What is the RACV smart home security alarm system?

This is a fully wireless security alarm system and the latest technology on the market. This system can be installed anywhere in the home to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a mobile device.

How long will it take to install?

The RACV smart home security alarm system is easy to install. Depending on the amount of equipment purchased, installation time can vary. You should allow about 2-3 hours.

Does it require an active home phone line?

No, this system uses mobile sim card technology or IP (Internet protocol) to send notifications from the Hub to your App and the monitoring centre. No phone lines are required.

What happens if I lose power to my system?

Firstly, your system automatically switches over to a backup battery in the event of a power loss.

If your system is armed, your motion, door & window sensors will continue to function and monitor your home. Any activation will continue to alert you via the system panel siren, notifications and via the Monitoring Centre.

What happens if I lose WiFi?

If you lose WiFi your cameras will stop working and you won’t be able to check-in or record clips until the connection is restored.

What is a Recorded Video Event?

Recorded video events are 30 seconds recorded clips customised in the member portal and can be based on alarm events such as intruder detection or disarming your alarm. These clips will be sent to your smartphone via the App.

What is included in my Monthly fee?

  • 24/7 back to base security monitoring
  • Notifications and alerts for alarm events and system diagnostics
  • Z wave - Home Automation control
  • All connectivity costs to the App and Monitoring station
  • Multi User access to the app and member portal

Connecting security monitoring questions

Will I need a landline or home telephone to have my alarm back to base monitored?

No, RACV can use the 3G cellular network to communicate to the monitoring station.  This is done by adding a device to your home security system.  Please contact RACV Home Security on 13 27 56 for further information

In the event, you have existing monitoring service via a landline and you would like to move it to RACV, then we can connect this by sending out a technician.   Please contact RACV Home Security on 13 27 56 for further information

What is monitoring and how does it work?

When your alarm is armed, and it’s triggered, our highly trained security monitoring consultants will alert you within minutes of your alarm being activated and will respond by actioning your nominated emergency response plan.

This can be by:

  • Calling you, or members of your nominated contact list
  • Sending a security patrol guard
  • Sending emergency services in the event of burglary, intrusion, medical or fire*.

Do I have to pay for a patrol?

Yes, patrol response will be dispatched in accordance with the selected alarm response options. In the event the monitoring station is unable to contact anyone on the call out list, RACV has a duty of care to initiate an appropriate response which may include the sending of a Patrol.

What action is taken in the event of an alarm activation?

In the event of an emergency alarm signal being received which is not immediately de-activated, a telephone call will be made to the premise to verify the alarm. If the member answers this call, they will be required to verify their identity (by advising the nominated Voice Code) before any instructions can be accepted.  If there is no answer by an authorised person or the member advises the alarm is genuine, the relevant procedures for Intruder, Duress, Medical or Fire will be actioned.

Is there a function we can use for when we are in panic/duress?

Yes, however, this depends on your make and model of your alarm system.  RACV Home Security systems have panic button built into the code pad and also by pressing both buttons on the remote control (both lock and unlock buttons simultaneously)

When a duress alarm is received by the monitoring station the following response procedure will be actioned:

  1. Contact the Police. Necessary details will be provided to enable them to respond.  Time is allowed for their action and communication back to the Monitoring Station.
  2. If Police advise they will not action the event, send Patrol and advise the call out list.
  3. If the member subsequently contacts the Monitoring Station to cancel the duress alarm, with a valid voice code, the Police will be advised. Police may still attend the premise.

Why would I need the patrol?

An important component of the RACV Monitored Home Security System is access to a patrol response in the event of alarm activation. Our patrol service provides the option of a licensed security guard attending your premise and investigating the cause of alarm activation, thereby limiting the risk of you entering a potentially dangerous situation.

As part of the patrol response, RACV will undertake the following:

  1. Dispatch of a security patrol officer to the monitored premises.
  2. Inspection of the monitored premises for signs of intrusion and/or provision of assistance, as required, to the member or emergency services.
  3. The patrol officer will inspect areas of the premises which are readily accessible.
  4. Provide a patrol attendance guarantee under which the patrol response fee will be waived for any Patrol, in Metropolitan Melbourne and Nominated Regional Centres, where the Patrol arrives more than 45 minutes after authorised dispatch.
  5. Key Holding Service for monitored premises within Metropolitan Melbourne or Nominated Regional Centres.


If you have not been able to find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact RACV Home Security on 13 27 56  for support and further information.