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About SmartThings

What is SmartThings?

SmartThings is the easy way to transform your home into a smart home. Simple and easy to use, the SmartThings Hub acts as the brain of your smart home. It connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices such as lights, locks and sensors, and makes them work together.

What can I do with SmartThings?

SmartThings allows you to effortlessly monitor, control, and automate a wide range of connected devices in your home. SmartThings can turn lights on and off, lock doors, turn on music and can even send you video alerts when there’s unexpected activity in your home. You can use the SmartThings app to put your connected devices to work, or you can use voice assistants like Google Home to manage everyday tasks with simple commands.

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What are the minimum requirements to use SmartThings?

To make the most out of SmartThings, some minimum requirements must be met:

  • A high-speed Internet connection – minimum 1Mbps upstream recommended
  • An available port on your router
  • Compatible smartphone or tablet:
    • Apple devices: iOS version 10.0 or later
    • Android devices: Android 6.0 or later
  • You'll need to download the SmartThings app to your compatible device
  • Some compatible SmartThings devices may require a wall power source or battery. Please see the individual device specifications for more details.

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Connectivity & device compatibility

What are Z-Wave and ZigBee?

Z-Wave and ZigBee are wireless radio frequency communication protocols designed for control, monitoring, and status-reading of connected devices. In other words, Z-Wave and ZigBee are the different languages your SmartThings Hub and devices use to talk to one another.

For more detailed explanations of these protocols, visit:

Does SmartThings work with Apple HomeKit or Wink?

No. Apple HomeKit and Wink does not work with SmartThings, they only work with their own apps. However, many smart devices that are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Wink are also compatible with SmartThings.

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