RACV Security Monitoring

Safeguard your family with home security monitoring and immediate response to emergencies

Have peace of mind with a team of professional security operators who will monitor your home 24/7 and are on call to respond to a triggered alarm.
Add RACV Security Monitoring to your alarm system and rest assure that at a push of a button, police, fire, ambulance or patrol services can be onsite in the event of an incident or emergency.

RACV Security Monitoring offers

Home security monitoring - woman and child secure in home with security systems

Whether you’re at home, away on holiday or just out for the day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected by RACV Security Monitoring.

  •  Rapid, 24/7 protection for your home and family 
  • Grade A1 monitoring centre, the highest rating recognised by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Ltd) 
  • Emergency or patrol service dispatch ensuring your alarm is not simply ignored 
  • Inspection of the monitored premises for signs of intrusion 
  • Notification of faults or power failure 
  •  Smoke detection integration that reports directly to the monitoring station (optional) 
  • Key holding service for those wishing patrol officers to undertake internal searches of your home when required (optional)

Learn more about RACV Alarm Systems on the FAQs page. 

RACV Patrol Attendance Guarantee

Should RACV's patrol response arrive more than 45 minutes after an authorised dispatch, the response fee will be waived.**

**RACV's security patrol service is available within Metropolitan Melbourne and Nominated Regional Centres.
Outside of these regions, patrol response is provided on a best-endeavours basis at the time of an event and the RACV Patrol Attendance Guarantee does not apply. 

RACV's reliable service and support

As a part of the ongoing service, RACV provides support across RACV Security Monitoring service and more.

  • Majority of alarm systems are compatible with RACV’s monitoring centre 
  • RACV provides ongoing servicing and maintenance for a large range of alarm systems 
  • By signing up to RACV Security Monitoring, you’ll automatically become an RACV member giving you access to membership discounts and benefits 
  • Window stickers to help deter intruders
  • Get a quote today to switch or connect your alarm system to RACV Security Monitoring or speak to a consultant today by calling 13 27 56 

Insurance discount

Having an alarm system and monitoring makes you eligible for up to 20% off your RACV Contents Insurance premium.

RACV Security Pty Ltd ABN 49 079 148 342 trading as RACV Home Security. Security Licence (Vic.) 733-411-10S and Security Registration (Vic.) 733-411-31S.