Any home can become a smart home

Switch on your smart home with the latest in connected home solutions.

Your everyday windows and doors can tell you when they've been left open

With a SmartThings multi-purpose sensor you can be alerted when your garage, a window or door has been left open and you are away from home or about to go to bed, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe.

A hallway that lights your way

With a SmartThings motion sensor you can set compatible connected lights to turn on when they sense movement or turn off when there’s no one in a room. Light the way for yourself or your family during the night or save energy by automating your lights to turn off when everyone leaves the room.

A home that is in tune with you

A smart home can automate your everyday tasks like turning on compatible lights, speakers, TVs, appliances and more. Kick start your day by setting your kettle or coffee machine to switch on when you wake up and for lights and the TV to turn on for your morning routine.

Never miss a moment at home, from anywhere, anytime

Be alerted to unexpected movement when you’re away from home with SmartThings motion sensors, from unexpected visitors to the kids arriving home from school. Cover more of your home by pairing your SmartThings motion sensors with Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Cameras.

A smart partnership

RACV has partnered with Samsung to open the exciting world of smart homes to Victorians. With the RACV Smart Home Starter Kit powered by the SmartThings Wi-Fi hub, you can take control of compatible smart devices in your home, so they work in sync with each other and with your life.

RACV's partnership with Arlo Technologies brings the latest in smart home security solutions to provide peace of mind. With the Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Camera you can keep an eye on your home, valuables and loved ones from anywhere, anytime.

SmartThings and Arlo are compatible, allowing you to automate your wireless security cameras using motion or multipurpose sensors and activate other compatible smart devices in your home when movement is detected to turn on smart lights and more.

RACV Smart Home products

RACV SmartThings home automation starter kit box

Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Camera

Keep an eye on your home and loved ones with the Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Cameras.

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RACV SmartThings home automation starter kit box

SmartThings Smart Home Starter Kit

The easy way to connect, monitor and control the smart devices in your home through your compatible smart phone or voice assistant.

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