• What is family and domestic violence?

    Family and domestic violence occurs when a person uses fear to control other members of their family through violent and abusive acts. 

    While some are visible, such as violence that causes physical injury, others are much more difficult to recognise, for example financial abuse.

  • We're here to help

    If you are affected or impacted from family and domestic violence, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

    RACV is here to support you and protect your privacy. Get in touch with our team confidentially to discuss your situation and how we may be able to support you. 

There are numerous free services and hotlines available in Australia to help those affected or impacted from family and domestic violence. If you ever feel threatened or in danger, always call 000.

Being involved in a family and domestic violence situation is traumatic and stressful, and we understand things like paying bills or loan repayments can sometimes become difficult. RACV can offer financial hardship assistance for policy payments and loan repayments.

How we may be able to help with your policy payments:

  • Change upcoming premium payments from annual to monthly.
  • Flexible excess amounts on Motor and Home Insurance policies.
  • Defer premium payments for up to three months.

How we may be able to help with your loan repayments:

  • Extending your loan term.
  • Adjusting monthly repayment amounts.
  • Deferring repayments temporarily.
  • Arrears capitalisation.

When you contact RACV, your privacy and safety are of the utmost importance to us and all conversations, whether via email or phone, are confidential. Our staff members are here to listen to your situation and provide support.

We work with insurers who issue and underwrite RACV Insurance policies and manage policy claims. The insurers each have their own policies to help you understand the support they can give you if you are affected or impacted from family and domestic violence situation. If you have lodged a claim under an RACV Insurance policy, or are involved in a claim, the insurer’s policy on family and domestic violence will assist you to understand how they can help you.

IMA Family and Domestic Violence Policy Documents

RACV Motor, Home, Landlord, Boat, Caravan or Trailer, On-Site Caravan and Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Insurance products are issued by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia Pty Limited (IMA). To view and download a copy of the IMA Policy on Supporting Customers affected by Family and Domestic Violence, please click ‘Download’ below.

Download PDF