Connecting Melbourne’s Outer Suburbs

A world-class, connected city

For Melbourne to be a world-class connected city, our transport networks must reach well beyond its centre. RACV recognises how important our outer suburbs are to the overall health and vitality of our city, but is concerned about the effect of forecasted growth, which would see:

  • Victoria’s population increase from just over 6 million to approximately 10 million by 2050. Most will settle in Greater Melbourne, many in outer suburbs.
  • The population in the outer suburbs overtake the total population of Melbourne’s inner and middle suburbs by 2031.
  • Melbourne’s transport networks will need to cope with 23 million trips per day by 2050, nearly double the current figure of 12.5 million.

RACV is calling on the State and Federal Governments to fund an ongoing program of outer-suburban transport projects. Our 2018 Growing Pains project identified 142 transport infrastructure projects across outer metropolitan Melbourne that deserve attention. These include road infrastructure projects within each of the 14 local council areas to address missing links, increase capacity and improve safety, plus railway infrastructure projects to create new lines, extend the reach and capacity of existing lines and improve access and facilities at railway stations.

RACV estimates that over $13 billion dollars is required to address the backlog of projects in the shorter term. Much more will be needed to commence a range of medium to long term road and public transport projects.

In the video below, RACV’s Senior Planner Mobility Futures, Stuart Outhred, discusses the need for planning and investment in some of Melbourne’s largest growth areas.

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Authorised by Bryce Prosser, RACV General Manager Public Policy and Corporate Affairs, 485 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000