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Audi’s 2016 A4 is an all-new car but with only subtle styling changes from the old model. A slightly bigger body and longer wheelbase means a little more cabin space but the main focus is on technology.

A standard feature that seeks to prevent ‘dooring’ is Exit Warning. When the A4 pulls up, the system scans both sides of the car and warns the occupants of approaching traffic, e.g. cyclists, and indicates when it’s safe to open the door.

Using LED headlights across the range, the A4 has a Motorway function, where the computer-controlled beam automatically adjusts to the driving conditions. Around town, a wide beam of light illuminates the footpath, gutters etc, while at higher speeds a long, narrower beam allows the driver to see further down the road.

Pre-sense system

As we found when we reviewed the car, the A4 is also aware of what’s behind it. A standard pre-sense system employs radar sensors to detect if a car behind is closing too quickly. First the hazard lights are flashed rapidly to alert the following driver. If a collision is then unavoidable, the system prepares for the impact by tensioning seatbelts, closing windows and other measures.

Four variants make up the range, each with a different engine: two front-wheel-drive petrol versions, and quattro (all-wheel drive) variants in diesel and petrol.

The lighter body, better aerodynamics, a new seven-speed automatic and changes to the suspension architecture all help improve the driveability of this new model substantially.

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Audi A4 specs

Talking points: Innovative high-tech features, much-improved handling and ride
Mechanicals: 1.4L and 2.0L petrol engines, 2.0L diesel. 2WD and 4WD.
Standard safety: 8 airbags. Autonomous emergency braking. Pre-sense rear collision system. Blind spot, rear cross-traffic and exit warning systems.
Standard features: Sat-nav. In-car wi-fi. Android & Apple interfaces. Electric driver’s seat. LED headlights.
Price range: $55,500-$69,990 + ORC.

Written by Greg Hill
July 01, 2016

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