Behind the Phillip Island Penguin Parade

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Pengin parade

Phillip Island has been a favourite destination for generations of Victorians, but what goes on behind the scenes to protect the island’s wildlife and natural environment?

The Penguin Foundation was established in 2005 to raise funds to protect and enhance Phillip Island’s natural environments through research, conservation and education programs. The Foundation has raised over $1.8 million through its Adopt-a-Penguin program and some generous sponsorships and grants, funding scientific research projects that study the island’s native wildlife, including little penguins.

This research is carried out by world-renowned scientists, field officers and environment rangers at Phillip Island Nature Parks and has yielded some significant results, such as the ‘Oil Spill Wand’ which is being developed to revolutionise how oiled wildlife is cleaned.

This new technology works by applying iron powder to the oiled animal. The powder binds to the oil, then a magnetic wand draws up the powder and oil. This is quicker and less stressful to the wildlife than traditional washing techniques. 

Visit to find out how you can help with this and other ongoing research projects through one of the Foundation’s Giving Programs, including the very popular Adopt-a-Penguin opportunity, or Penguin Pal for children under 12.

Written by RACV
August 01, 2017