How many transport promises has the Labor State Government delivered

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RACV’s Transport Promise Tracker was created following the 2014 State Election, to track whether the incoming State Government delivered on its promises.

The Transport Promise Tracker lists the transport promises, provides brief descriptions, states the time-frame for delivery and provides RACV’s comment on each promise. It then scores each promise with:

  • no action
  • promise commenced
  • promise delivered.

The promises in the Transport Promise Tracker are sorted by the cost of each promise or program (groups of projects), with the exception of the cancellation of the East West Link Stage 1 contract. Promise delivered is awarded when actual construction starts for infrastructure projects and services commence for service projects. For programs, it is when funding is provided.

RACV is tracking 42 transport promises. The State Government has commenced 23 and delivered 10. There’s no progress on 9 more, generally in line with the Government’s commitment to start those projects later in its term or because they didn’t specify a time-frame in their announcements.

The promises delivered are:

  • Funding the L2P program
  • Free three-year licenses to drivers who complete four years in P plates with no road offences
  • Increased funding for drug and booze buses
  • 24 hour weekend Public Transport
  • Truck curfews on Rosanna Road
  • Public Transport fare zone changes
  • Reopening Flagstaff Station on weekends
  • Establishing Infrastructure Victoria
  • Releasing the business case for Stage 1 of East West Link
  • Not proceeding with the contract for Stage 1 of East West Link.

The Tracker includes comments regarding RACV’s views on the promises, and is updated following announcements by the State Government about each of the listed promises.

Written by Brian Negus, General Manager Public Policy
April 21, 2016