CityLink Tulla Widening

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So what are all the works along CityLink, the Tullamarine Freeway and at the Bolte Bridge/West Gate Freeway interchange?
How are they going to help me? And what can I do to minimise the daily hassle?

What’s happening

The proposed work for the CityLink Tulla Widening project will reduce congestion at a number of bottlenecks, increase capacity, reduce travel times and improve safety on CityLink and the Tullamarine Freeway.
Project works are expected to occur from March 2016 until late 2018 and will include:


The works will provide benefits to City Link and Tullamarine Freeway traffic as well as traffic on connecting roads. It is estimated that the additional lane will provide a 30% increase in capacity, a reduction in up to 17 minutes in travel time between Melbourne Airport and the CBD during peak hours and a reduction in the number of heavy vehicles using local roads. This will improve safety and reduce crashes resulting in injuries by up to 20%.

What you can do

Construction at the Bolte Bridge/West Gate Freeway interchange is proposed to take 18 months and significant delays are expected due to lane closures and the restricted space within which the works are to occur.

During the works it is important to consider if you need to travel through this area, if you could take an alternative route, if you can travel at another time (i.e. work slightly different hours) or if you could take public transport or ride your bicycle instead.

If you live in the western suburbs, a ferry service trial from Wyndham Harbour to Docklands is to be launched in May 2016. The service is proposed to take about 68 mins at a cost of $25-29 for the return trip.

Information on travel times, road closures and disruptions are available and by following the project on Twitter.

Written by Lindsay Layzell, Senior Engineer
April 23, 2016