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Judy Goss holds up photos of her old Holden FX

Ah, do you remember the good old days when cars were more simple?

My first car was a second-hand FX Holden.

If you broke down, no honking or driving past. There were always people around who would push for an easy jump-start.

Broken fanbelt? While the man would discreetly look away, a female would remove a stocking and, with it tied to the pulley, replace the belt.

I loved my car at the time but I wouldn’t want to drive one today. There’s no synchromesh gear change, just your standard H-pattern column shift. Bench seats, not comfortable bucket seats with headrests. Certainly no power steering, but it was easy to drive in its day.

The cars in those days were sturdy. Bumper bars were exactly what they suggest; if two cars hit you would get out, see there was no damage to the bumpers and go on your merry way.

I could even change my own tyre as the nuts were put on by hand, unlike today’s tyres.

Every Saturday I would be out on the front lawn washing my car. A neighbour laughed that I would soon get sick of washing. Yes I did, but I wasn’t going to let him know that, so I continued to wash it for several months just to prove him wrong.

I’m so glad I didn’t follow everyone’s advice: “Get a Morris Minor, it’s a lady’s car.” I was very happy I chose my Holden.

PS: I still dislike Morrises, as they are a reminder of the chauvinism of the ’60s.

Judy Goss, Frankston

Photo: Miguel Rios
Published in RoyalAuto Feb 17

Judy Goss stands in front of her old Holden FX