New app quantifies Victoria’s commuter nightmares

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RACV has joined the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) to launch a new app called Australia’s Worst Commute which aims to name and shame Victoria’s worst commuter nightmares and ultimately pressure politicians to commit to substantial investment in better roads and rail.

The Australia’s Worst Commute app allows users to compare on social media just how bad their daily trip to and from work really is and to find out what else they could be doing with the wasted travel time.

Users of the Australia’s Worst Commute app are encouraged to message politicians demanding they provide better roads and public transport to free up their time for the better things they could do in their lives.

The app has been launched in partnership with the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and is available at

While most people know how much their daily commute costs them and that it takes far too long; very few are aware just how much time is wasted when commuting every year. Around a quarter of us spend 45 minutes or more getting to work and the same getting home. That’s the equivalent of more than 15 days in every year just commuting to and from work.

The Australia’s Worst Commute app will help people on our most congested roads like the West Gate and Monash Freeway’s, or those winding their way through the north eastern suburbs; to understand what else they could have done with their wasted commute time.

AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said that beyond the massive inconvenience caused to Australians every day, congestion is a huge economic problem.

“Congestion is a handbrake on our economy, reducing its ability to create jobs. Australian Government figures show congestion already costs our economy $16.5 billion per year and this will increase to $53 billion, roughly the size of the agriculture sector, by 2031.

“The mining boom is over and we need our political parties to guide Australia to a new more diversified economy that will create the jobs of the future. But it won’t be possible to build the economy of the future on the roads and rails of the past. The next Australian Government must have policies and investment plans that will improve our transport system.

“That’s why the RACV and the AAA are giving Victorians a chance to be heard by candidates, and that’s why we’ve put forward proposals for better roads, public transport and other land transport.”

RACV and AAA are jointly calling for:

  • Funding commitments toward the North East Link to complete the Metropolitan Ring Road, the Western Distributor as an alternative to the West Gate, construction of the Metro Rail Tunnel, regional highway duplications on the Western Highway and the Princes Highway East and West, and the Shepparton Bypass;
  • The establishment of a transport infrastructure fund into which a guaranteed minimum of at least 50 per cent of fuel excise will be invested in roads and other public transport projects;
  • The establishment of an independent inquiry into future transport funding based on Infrastructure Australia’s recommendations for a public inquiry into transport market reform and how we transition in the long-term to a fairer, more transparent tax system for motorists;
  • Long-term funding commitments to critical national road safety programs including the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and keys2drive.

For more information or to join the campaign visit:

Emails will be used to keep people informed about federal election and national transport matters.

Written by Brian Negus, General Manager Public Policy
June 17, 2016