Property safer in Victoria's north

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Property safer in Victoria’s north

Northern Victoria is home to three postcodes in the top 40 most burgled in Victoria, but generally has fewer burglaries than the state average.

Burglary hotspots
Safer in the north
Safer communities
New charges in Shepparton
Crime Stoppers on your smartphone
Taking precautions

Burglary hotspots

Outer north Melbourne neighbours Doreen and Mernda were the eighth most burgled, Mildura the 11th and Shepparton the 25th.

These three also featured in the top 40 the year prior though, with the redrawing of electoral boundaries, Doreen and Mernda were in the northern suburbs in last year’s Safe as Houses.
After an uncharacteristic 2013, statistics in Kilmore showed improvement, with the postcode dropping out of the top 40.

This year the area is down to one in 67, from one in 44 the year prior.

Shepparton is fairly stable, with a slight increase from one in 46 homes burgled to one in 44.

Safer in the north

Most postcodes in the northern Victoria electoral region fall below the state average of one in 73 homes burgled.

Wangaratta is a low one in 85 homes, Romsey is one in 98, Seymour one in 107, Gisborne one in 116, Daylesford one in 120, Bendigo one in 130, and Benalla one in 132.

The top 40 postcodes include Mernda and Doreen with one in 36 homes burgled, Mildura with one in 37 and Shepparton with one in 44. 

Riskier postcodes include Robinvale (near the NSW border) with one in 52 homes burgled, Eaglehawk (near Bendigo) with one in 60, Merbein (near Mildura) with one in 63, Echuca with one in 65 and Kilmore with one in 69.

Safer communities

Leading senior constable Glenn Gibson says police are working to make greater Shepparton a greater place, but they need the community’s help.

“There’s 63,000 people in greater Shepparton and 120 police. We need everyone on board to look out for the small minority,” he says.

Similar to greater Melbourne, those in the country need to be vigilant with locking doors.

“In 70% of thefts from vehicles in Victoria, there’s been no sign of forced entry, ” Glenn says.

To reduce the risk of theft from the home, he says to make sure trees aren’t too high around the windows and there are padlocks on the garden shed and gates.

New charges in Shepparton

Shepparton police crime prevention officer, leading senior constable Glenn Gibson says the new operation Galveston has been successful.

Recently, there were 56 criminal charges around burglary and theft in Shepparton.

Unfortunately, these results won’t show until next year’s statistics.

He says there’s been a drastic increase in information from the community in the past couple of months, especially from their Eyewatch Facebook page.

“The community is starting to get more involved. They’re using Eyewatch. When we post asking for help, we’re getting feedback through Crime Stoppers.”

Crime Stoppers on your smartphone

Crime Stoppers has an app available on iOS and Android. Now younger people are more engaged, and it’s increasing in effectiveness, Glenn says.
He says police are receiving more information from Crime Stoppers as a result.   

Images of suspected crimes can be uploaded via the app, but Glenn says to only take a photo or video if it’s safe to do so – “don’t place yourself in danger”.

He says police have had success with catching hoon drivers, who sometimes upload videos themselves.

Taking precautions

RACV general manager home services Aaron Flavell says despite the good result for Northern Victoria, it’s important to remember each statistic is a real home that has been burgled.

“Thieves strike anywhere they see an opportunity and being burgled is a traumatic experience for you and your family,” he says.

Aaron says prevention is the key, and RACV encourages everyone to be proactive. Security tips are often free or at low cost.

“We find the biggest deterrent is an alarm system supported by a CCTV surveillance system, especially if there’s a risk of a professional response.” 

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Written by RACV
February 22, 2019