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RACV President Netta M Griffin
RACV President Netta M Griffin

As we  all know, Victoria is an amazing place to live. There is so much on our doorstep to see and do, and although for most the summer holidays have ended, we can still make the most of what is just around the corner. As an example, and in this edition, we have a look at the town of Hastings on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

With the new year well under way, I am sure many of you have started new routines for 2018, especially those who care for younger children. This month we examine why many children no longer walk to school, challenging parents to use the school walk as an opportunity to reconnect with their children. Evidence shows the walk to school can be extremely beneficial for family relationships and health, a worthwhile investment of time for parents and carers. Read the story.

The tragic loss of nine lives over the Christmas-New Year period demonstrates that more needs to be done to improve road safety. Road deaths and serious accidents not only impact family and friends, but are felt by our whole community.

At RACV, we are committed to finding solutions and working with our community towards a future of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Our vehicle engineering team at RACV continues to partner with national and international safety bodies to ensure Victoria is at the forefront of vehicle safety. Our work in lobbying for vehicle safety technology – most notably, autonomous emergency braking – has gained traction, with manufacturers such as Mazda, Hyundai and Skoda now fitting the technology as standard in many of their vehicles.

In saying this, it is important to acknowledge the role each of us plays in keeping our roads safe. This means not only obeying the road rules but exhibiting safe behaviours that tolerate the mistakes of others, so that no one is injured or killed. It applies equally to pedestrians, bicycle riders, motorcyclists and drivers of all vehicles.

The deteriorating condition of Victoria’s country roads is a long-term concern for our members and another factor that compromises safety. Through our independent analysis, inspections and discussions with our members and councils across the state, it is clear the way our road network is managed needs to be examined.

We are therefore calling for an independent public review of the organisational structure that manages the road network, to ensure better outcomes for all Victorians, and RACV will continue to push this issue in this election year.

Netta M Griffin, President & Chairman of the Board