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RACV President Netta M Griffin
RACV President Netta M Griffin

The growth of Victoria’s population, and the transport challenges that come along with it, have been a topical issue of debate in recent months.

As part of RACV’s campaign to showcase how transport in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and regional areas needs to be better connected, I was pleased to see our contribution to the debate widely covered by the media.

RACV called for improved rail services and better transport infrastructure in regional areas. The forthcoming state election in November will see RACV continue to detail new solutions to this challenge which affects so many of us.

While RACV has its roots in motoring, we see the future of transport as far broader than just conventional car use and we continue to explore new forms of mobility to keep people moving. Improving the public transport system is essential for us to protect our lifestyle.

We often talk about the last mile, which is the last stretch of a journey where people need to get from their home, school or work to the nearest public transport link and back. This last mile is a critical pain point which RACV has identified and it needs to be addressed. Unless we have an effective integrated transport network, the last mile will remain a barrier to our movement around city and regional areas.

For Melbourne to be a world-class connected city, our transport networks must reach well beyond the central area. Melbourne continues to grow and the outer suburbs deserve a fast, convenient and high-quality transport system linking areas of housing and employment and providing access to goods and services, health care, education and recreation.

Netta M Griffin
President & Chairman of the Board