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RACV President Kevin White
RACV President Kevin White

Members would be aware that RACV has  long been a market leader in Home Insurance in Victoria. RACV also offers other services in the home such as Emergency Home Assist and Home Security.

To complement and expand our range of home products and services, I am pleased to report that RACV has been investigating new and innovative ways to help members in their homes.

One of the key concerns members have shared with us has been the recent surge in home energy prices. RACV wants to help members better manage and control their electricity and gas bills.  To this end, we have created a comparison tool called RACV Energy Compare. The new tool is provided free to all Victorians so users can assess whether they are getting the best electricity and gas deal for their home. Visit for more details.

Several new RACV products and services are being featured on the Channel Nine renovation show, The Block.  As well as our existing products, RACV’s new solar panels and solar battery services will feature. RACV’s partnership with The Block is intended to help members and all Victorians become more aware of the products and services that RACV has to help them in and around their homes.

We are also pleased to announce that RACV has joined with Victoria Police and community organisations to establish an innovative crime prevention and detection body called Safety Alliance Victoria. The Alliance’s first project, called “Protect - Prevent”, is a six-month trial to test whether traceable property-marking technology can help prevent burglaries in Victoria.

The trial includes 1000 homes in Geelong and Whittlesea, with kits containing unique traceable synthetic DNA distributed by Victoria Police and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers.

RACV has also launched RACV Marine to provide members who are boating enthusiasts with a new one-stop shop for all their boating needs, including insurance, finance, batteries and ERA for your boat trailer and tow vehicle. Visit for more details.

Last month, I wrote about why RACV advocates for all transport system users. The rapid advance in vehicle technology is another critical area that RACV is investigating.

RACV is about to begin a major trial of an autonomous bus at La Trobe University in partnership with HMI Technologies, Keolis, ARRB Research and La Trobe. This will enable us to better understand the technologies, how the road system needs to be designed to ensure safe travel and how the community accepts travelling in these vehicles. We will keep you up to date on this exciting project.

We also know the important role that buses play in the public transport system. There are many areas, particularly in outer Melbourne, where buses are the only public transport option, but they seem to have a poor reputation. So RACV has challenged students at the Monash University Mobility Design Lab to ‘reimagine the bus’ so it could become a more attractive and viable option for more Victorians. We look forward to revealing concepts later this year, which will give some insights into how the bus of the future might look.

Kevin W White, President & Chairman of the Board