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Simplifying travel insurance

The ‘Years of Member Discount’ has been removed from travel insurance products and replaced with a flat 15 per cent discount for all members.

RACV’s manager for travel insurance, Peter Stanley, says that under the previous discount structure 565,000 RACV Blue members received no discount and another 960,000 RACV Bronze or Silver members received a minimal 5 or 10 per cent discount.

“While this means that the Gold 50 discount will be lowered from 20 to 15 per cent, we believe that 15 per cent for all members is fairer.

“We think it’s a generous discount that will give all our members peace of mind when travelling.”

Key benefits of RACV Travel Insurance include:

Twenty-four-hour emergency assistance: 24/7 access to our emergency assistance experts who have a global network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff to assist when you need emergency help.                             

Overseas medical cover: Cover for overseas medical, hospital, cash in hospital, dental and related expenses. Our medical cover helps you to find treatment and, if necessary, medical evacuation.

Cancellation fees and lost deposits cover: You’ll be covered for illness and accident, as well as situations beyond your control such as cancelled flights due to strikes. You are also covered for travel agent cancellation charges and lost frequent flyer points.

Emergency expenses: Covers additional accommodation, meal and travelling expenses if your trip is disrupted by a natural disaster, serious weather event or even lost passports.

Peter says RACV Travel Insurance aims to provide the highest-quality, best-value products on the market, with different levels of cover to suit everyone’s needs.

It received a 2017 CANSTAR award for Outstanding Value Seniors Travel Insurance, and also delivers extra value for families as kids and grandkids 25 and under may be covered for free when travelling as a family.

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November 24, 2017

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