When coastal touring took off

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Coastal touring became a popular summer holiday choice for Victorians after World War I. RACV’s then Touring Department Manager, George Broadbent, compiled an ‘Overland Motor Guide to Sydney’ to help motorists.

George (known as the producer of Broadbent Maps) travelled the “South Coast” road between Melbourne and Sydney several times. He recorded the state of the roads, key junctions, travel distances and the standard and services of local hotels and garages.

RACV reported that over the summer of 1919-20 “the route through Gippsland and along the coast to the Harbour City was largely patronised, cars passing through East Gippsland at the average rate of 100 per month during the season.” Helen Stitt, Curator RACV Heritage Collection

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Written by RACV
December 03, 2015