How to save on summer energy

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As temperatures heat up, try our tips to beat hefty summer energy bills.

December 2018.

Summer is here and rising temperatures can also mean rising electricity costs as Victorians turn to air conditioners to battle the heat. Annual energy price increases also typically kick in early in the new year and the combined impact can see bills soar. Now is a great time to consider ways to reduce your energy costs. Try these simple tips:

Find a better deal

Following the expected energy plan price increases early in the new year, you should check your plan to make sure it is competitive. RACV Energy Compare is a free and independent energy comparison service that you can use to compare energy plans in your area.

Mix up your options

If you have an air conditioner and a portable fan, try turning on the fan first to get the air circulating. You might find this is enough to keep you comfortable and you don’t need to use the air con, which will cut your power bills.

Stay cool for less

The harder your air conditioner has to work the more you will pay for power. Keeping curtains or blinds closed in sunny rooms and closing windows and doors can help keep your house cooler without costing power and money. Running air conditioners a few degrees warmer can also make a big difference to how much power they consume. Remember to clean your air conditioner filters, and cool just the room you’re in.

Minimise the heat

Rather than heating up the house by using your oven, cook in the microwave or have a barbecue instead. Swap incandescent bulbs for fluorescent or LED bulbs, and turn off computers, monitors and televisions when they’re not being used.

Think solar

Summer is a great time for solar systems, with extra sunlight meaning higher power outputs. If you already have solar, consider running your air conditioner during the day when output is good to pre-cool your home for later. 

If you are thinking about installing solar panels, find out about the benefits of solar, batteries and renewable energy in your home. There are also three solar rebate or incentive programs available to eligible Victorians, making it a great time to go solar.  

Get paid to participate

RACV is partnering with Victorian electricity distributors to help our local community reduce electricity costs and improve reliability with the Summer Energy Program. This is a way for households to get directly involved and earn rewards for reducing energy use on a few hot summer days.

Future-proof your home with clean and renewable energy that is not only good for the environment but good for your pocket too.

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