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Making a U-turn from a divided road at an intersection (with or without traffic lights) in general requires giving way to all other traffic and this appears to be generally known. But when the cross road has a left-turn slip lane for cars to enter the main road, and the slip lane is marked with a Give Way sign, does the U-turn vehicle or the slip lane give way?

O.Calvert, Rowville.

The simple rule to remember is drivers performing U-turns are required to give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians. This includes giving way to vehicles turning left from a slip lane or a side street even if they are facing a Give Way or Stop sign.

A driver must not begin a U-turn unless they have a clear view of any approaching traffic and can safely make the U-turn without unreasonably obstructing the free movement of traffic.

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Written by RACV’s Emily McLean

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