Learner and probationary drivers

Graduated licensing system (for learner and probationary drivers)

RACV has been a strong advocate of the Graduated Licensing System, which is a license system aimed at creating safer drivers. This system for learner and probationary drivers includes mandatory 120 hours of training, peer passenger restrictions and tougher mobile phone restrictions.

Victorian learner and probationary drivers travelling interstate

There are rules that learner and probationary drivers need to be aware of when travelling interstate. For example some states require learner drivers to travel at a speed limit lower than the posted speed limit.

These rules are not always clear for motorists travelling interstate, and RACV has taken up the matter with VicRoads and the National Transport Commission, in an effort to make things clearer for learner and probationary drivers.

For information on the rules that apply, contact the road authority in the state you are travelling into. Where possible, we have provided links to this information below.

Learner Drivers

Probationary Drivers

Motorcycle license and learner permit restrictions

From 2014, new restrictions have been placed on motorcycle riders with a learner’s permit which are additional to current requirements. New restrictions include:

  • ride with headlight on at all times
  • wearing an approved high visibility vest or jacket whilst riding
  • if tested on an automatic motorcycle, restricted to riding an automatic motorcycle.

For more information visit the VicRoads website.