The Perfect Facial at Home

A step by step tutorial on how to apply that perfect facial at home.

This is a facial routine for you to try at home. Marnie Bennet is demonstrating with the Comfort Zone products, which are used in One Spa.


Cleansing with Remedy Cream to Oil 

We start with cleansing to remove dirt and make-up residue on the face. The cleanser we are using is Comfort Zone Remedy Cream to Oil. This is an innovative cleanser that transforms from a gentle cream to a nourishing oil. Impurities and debris are delicately removed from the skin with nourishment from the remaining star ingredient, Marula Oil. Remedy Cream to Oil is ideal for sensitive, sensitized or redness-prone skins.

To use, apply a small amount directly to dry skin and massage as directed in the video. “If you have sensitive skin, use a light touch,” Marnie says. Once you’ve finished, use a warm, damp face washer to remove the cleanser, avoiding contact with the eyes. The skin will be left delicately cleansed and nourished, with a soft-velvet finish.

Exfoliation with Essential Peeling

The next step is exfoliation. We are using Comfort Zone Essential Peeling, an exfoliant mask with a delicate enzymatic action that eliminates impurities and removes excess sebum and superficial dead skin cells. It is ideal for sensitive skins and can be used two to three times a week.

To use, apply an even layer to dry, cleansed skin and follow the instructions in the video. “You can leave this product on for between five and 10 minutes to help loosen up the dirt, oils and dead cells,” Marnie says. Remove with a warm, damp face washer. Its star ingredient is Bromelain Betaine. The skin will be re-awakened with luminosity, softness and a smooth surface.

Toning with Hydramemory Essence

Toning helps to get rid of any residual oil or dirt particles. The Comfort Zone Hydramemory Essence is an intensive hydrating concentration that immediately revitalises dry skin. It uses 11 hydrating activators with a natural base of tamarind. As light as a toner, but as powerful as a serum, this product boosts the efficacy of products that you apply afterwards.

To use, apply morning and evening after cleansing with delicate tapping movements to favour absorption. Its star ingredients are NMF Complex and tamarind blend with natural extracts of apple, lentil and watermelon rind. The skin will be restored to a state of balance and enhanced hydration. The evaporation of water is reduced, leaving the skin comfortable and moistened.

Applying Hydramemory Mask 

Now you are ready to apply the mask. The Comfort Zone Hydramemory Mask delivers express hydration in just 3 minutes. The sorbet-like texture offers an immediate sensation of freshness to instantly hydrate, smooth and soften the skin, and reduce premature signs of ageing. It is a great hydrating product for those working in closed environments and leaves the skin with a bright, luminous glow.

To use, apply a thin layer to the face and neck. “Give the face a really good massage to promote lymphatic drainage and help with the plumping of the skin,” Marnie says. “In One Spa we would normally spend 15 to 20 minutes doing this; not only is it relaxing, you can really see the results with the skin glowing and looking much more plumb once the facial is finished.” Leave the product on the face for at least 3 minutes. If skin is profoundly dehydrated, leave the mask on overnight. You can use it once or twice a week. The star ingredient of the Hydramemory Mask is Macro Hyaluronic Acid Moringa Oil (Certified Fair Trade), with a blend of natural extracts from apple, lentil and watermelon rind. Apply Hydrating Serum or Cream over the top to get a deeper hydrating treatment. 

Hydramemory Eye Gel

This hydrating gel is ideal with those who spend hours in front of a computer or who don’t get enough sleep. “Not only does it feel beautiful when you are applying it, but it helps with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines,” Marnie says.

To use, press the metal applicator delicately to release a small amount of product and follow the instructions in the video. Apply morning and evening and, if necessary, repeat the application during the day. The product’s star ingredients are Mediterranean Apple Extract Blend, which is made from natural extracts of apple, lentil and watermelon rind. The eye area will be left refreshed, hydrated and free of fatigue.

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Serum

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Serum is an innovative anti-ageing serum that acts to support firming and re-plumping of the face, making the skin visibly compact and luminous. “The serum is generally applied before the moisturiser to penetrate through the first and second layer of the skin and when you pop the moisturiser on top it acts as a sealer to help lock in that moisture,” Marnie says. The Sublime Skin Serum contains exclusive biotechnology, ARCHILIFT™, which acts on the skin “architecture”. This product is ideal for mature skin and recommended for all skin types.

To use, apply morning and evening on the face and neck. For oily skin apply on its own. For mature or dehydrated skin apply before your daily moisturiser. 

Moisturise with Hydramemory Cream

This is a richly hydrating cream with an innovative “sorbet texture” that immediately hydrates the driest of skins. A sensation of freshness is bestowed, as a unique blend of natural extracts preserve the skin's barrier and enhance luminosity. It is recommended for normal to dry skins.

To use, apply morning and evening to clean, dry skin after an application of the Hydramemory Serum has been completely absorbed. Gently massage to stimulate absorption. The Hydramemory Cream’s star ingredient is Macro Hyaluronic Acid Moringa Oil (Fair Trade), with a blend of natural extracts from apple, lentil and watermelon rind. The skin is instantly boosted with a rich, all-day hydration, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth whilst the skin's barrier is protected.


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