Winter Skin Care with One Spa

Determine your skin type, and how you can best maintain healthy skin in winter.

It’s important to look after your skin during winter. It’s a time when your skin can become dry and/or dehydrated due to the decrease in temperature and humidity. There are ways to treat both dry and dehydrated skin, but first you need to determine your skin type and condition.

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Dry skin and dehydrated skin have similar characteristics and you can suffer from both at the same time. Dry skin is either your natural skin type or it can be a temporary issue. Dehydrated skin can affect everyone due to a number of reasons, which are listed below.

Dry-skin symptoms 

  • Lack of sebum (oily secretion) 
  • Small pores
  • Dryness all over, including hands and scalp  
  • Prone to premature ageing
  • Products not easily absorbed
  • Skin is not plump
  • Aggravated by poor skincare 

Dehydrated-skin symptoms 

  • Lack of water in the skin 
  • Can feel dry and tight but look oily with breakouts
  • Comes and goes depending on diet, environment and incorrect product usage 
  • Need water-rich products 
  • Products easily absorbed and make-up goes patchy and disappears
  • Aggravated by lifestyle choices  

Dry and dehydrated skin 

  • Flaky, rough and scaly
  • Itchy, inflamed and irritated
  • Sensitive and red 
  • Tight, squeaky clean feeling, especially after cleansing
  • Dull
  • Fine lines and signs of premature ageing


Both internal and external factors play a role in our overall skin health.  For dry skin, the internal triggers include genetics, ageing and diet, while dehydrated skin is related to genetics and diet. The external triggers for both dry and dehydrated skin include climate, environment, skincare and lifestyle. 


The priority for both dry and dehydrated skin is to balance, rebuild and support the skin to boost its function as a natural barrier. This will reduce the likelihood of your skin becoming sensitized and contributing to other factors such as premature ageing. You can achieve good skin health by following these simple guidelines. 

Maintain a healthy diet  

  • Increase your water intake to two litres a day
  • Include a range of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Those with a high-water content, such as cucumber, watermelon and cantaloupe, are beneficial 
  • Essential fatty acids help maintain the skin’s barrier. Eat foods that are high in omega-3 acids, such as chia seeds, flaxseed oil, salmon and walnuts.

Consider these lifestyle options

  • Avoid long, hot showers and use lukewarm water when cleansing your face
  • Ensure you remove your make-up before you go to sleep
  • Use a product with sun-protection factor (SPF) daily to protect against sun damage

 Skincare products  

An important step in achieving healthy hydrated skin is to use the correct products for your skin type. At One Spa we use Comfort Zone, a professional skincare range from Italy, which promises science-based formulas free of silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours and animal derivatives. You should avoid products that leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, such as foaming cleansers. Do not excessively exfoliate with granular scrubs. 

Comfort Zone recommendations for winter

  • Remedy Cream to Oil Cleanser. This is a perfect cleanser for winter. The cream transforms into an oil as it is worked into the skin. It will leave your skin gently cleansed and nourished. It is ideal for dry and depleted skin. 
  • Essential Peel. This is a delicate enzyme mask that is ideal for sensitive skin. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and luminous. 
  • Hydramemory Cream. This highly textured, 24-hour double-hydration moisturiser is ideal for normal-to-dry skin and cold climates. 
  • Renight Mask. You can leave this nourishing antioxidant mask on while you sleep. It is perfect for replenishing the skin after exposure to the elements. 

Any changes you make in your diet, lifestyle and skincare routine can take up to three months to achieve noticeable results. Please call or email our One Spa team for customised advice, recommendations and product sales.

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