Club community rises to the challenge of working at home

We asked some RACV Club members and staff to share their experiences and tips for working at home.

Working from home is great … right up to the moment when technology fails, the nearby construction site fires up or you have yet another weak cup of coffee. 

Now the novelty has worn off, many professionals are coming to terms with a lack of routine, more interruptions (especially if you have children), a longer working day and that ever-present pantry.  

Whether you’re working from your kitchen, couch or study, you are not alone in your struggle to stay on track and get the most out of your working day at home. We asked some RACV Club members and staff to share their experiences and tips.  

person writing notes into diary

Always put on shoes

“I’ve been going for a ‘business casual’ look, which includes always putting on some shoes. It’s important for posture, attitude and video conferencing. (Must remember to brush hair!) 

I have a six-year-old in Year 1 and a four-year-old in kindergarten. We start the day early because it’s when they are at their best and it allows for ‘zone out’ screen time later in the day. We approach the schoolwork in small chunks and keep it fun (and sometimes silly). At the start we discounted the kid’s emotions but, like us, they are missing their ‘before coronavirus’ life, especially their friends. I truly miss real the coffee at RACV Club, and the opportunity to meet new people. I also miss my time out in the gym (without children climbing on top of me!)."

Victoria Lindores, RACV Club Member

Set an alarm

"I’ve continued to set the same alarm! I like using the time I would have previously spent on public transport to do something I enjoy. Most days I get up and go for a walk (10,000 steps by lunch time is ideal), as it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something before the workday has begun. Regular breaks for a cup of tea, or a spin around the block have also been essential to help me stay focused." 

Dimity Harris, Club Events Coordinator

Discover the joys of journaling

"I start my workday with journaling to clear my mind and get clarity on my priorities for the day. Because I am juggling school-age kids at home, I have to accept that my productive work hours are temporarily reduced and find the “hacks' (shortcuts) around that. I’m embracing the idea that this time is about letting go of some things and recalibrating my expectations to a new 'normal'. That has helped relieve the mental pressure of trying to achieve all the things that were possible before the pandemic. The thing I miss most at the Club are my daily gym sessions. Especially spin with Jackie and PT sessions with my trainer Mark, because exercise is my north star in managing stress! I can't wait to get back into it soon."

Kerryn Moscicki, RACV Club Member 

Create a schedule

"Scheduling breaks has become my secret weapon. It helps me to settle in and power through some work when I know I’m ‘earning’ a break in an hour’s time. When my reminder goes off, it’s either time for a quick stretch, a dance break (yes, I hit shuffle and dance it out until the next happy tune) or a cup of tea. This has stopped me from aimlessly wandering into the kitchen all day long and slowed down the snacking. I miss those opportunities of catching up with colleagues in the kitchen hub or going on a coffee run together. I’ve set up a buddy roster for our team to prompt those casual conversations every day and provide a bit of a welfare check while we grapple with this new way of working. I’ve moved back into the family home, so I have human contact again and more space to move around in. I’m also still trying to pop into a different colleague’s inbox each day.”

Gemma Kitson, Member Communications Coordinator

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