How to get a stronger core - fast

Man exercising

Alice Piper

Posted November 01, 2021

A stronger core is integral to our physical health and RACV’s Fran Furci shows you how to achieve it at home. 

Months of working from home, along with the closure of recreational sport, gyms and fitness studios, meant our fitness routines looked a little different (or just non-existent) over the latest lockdown period. 

But with lockdown over and gym and fitness studios back up and running, it's time to dust off the activewear and get moving again. However, if you’re still not keen on exercising in public facilities, achieving a stronger body is something that can be improved from the comfort of home – especially our core muscles.

The core muscles play a central role in protecting areas like the lower back, hips and even our upper back and neck, meaning it’s one area of your body that can’t be neglected. In the below videos, personal trainer at RACV City Club, Fran Furci, shows you how to achieve a stronger core with some effective exercises. 

Just think of all the activities in your life that would benefit from a stronger core, such as a better golf game, or being able to spend longer tending to the garden.

So, follow along consistently with Fran in these short two-minute videos and you’ll be feeling the benefits of a stronger core in no time!

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