How to store your wine properly

Horizontal wine storage

David Toscano

Posted September 10, 2021

RACV Club Sommelier Christian Maier spills the secrets to storing wine properly

You might think you don’t need to store your wine properly because, realistically, you might consume the bottle soon after purchasing it.

But did you know that wine can tarnish in just three hours if not stored properly?

Temperature, especially heat, is the enemy of your favourite bottle of wine – underlining the value of investing in a dedicated wine fridge if you’re keen on curating a collection of your favourite drops.

However, fear not if you have neither the room or budget to accommodate a dedicated wine fridge.

In the below video, RACV Club Sommelier Christian Maier shares key tips to storing wine properly to maximise flavour and freshness.

Check it out to learn more.

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