10 housewarming gifts people actually want

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Jenna Meade

Posted November 22, 2021

From first impressions to first toasts, here are the best gifts to help your loved ones settle into their new space.

Whether your friend or family member is moving into their first home, upsizing or downsizing, a thoughtful gift can be the calm in the storm of the overwhelming moving process. 

The idea of a housewarming gift is to honour their new beginning, and the right one can help a new house or apartment feel like a home. While moving house can be an endless source of stress and anxiety, part of the joy that comes with moving is the cleaning out and cutting back of belongings. So, when choosing the right gift, make sure you’re not going to create new clutter.

While a nice vase or picture frame may seem like a nice idea, housewarming gifts should be more practical than they are pretty. 

Perfect presents for a new home

Welcome mat

Every house needs a doormat, but it’s usually one of the last things people get around to buying. You’ll be saving your loved ones the effort, and helping them give each of their future visitors a warm welcome. Follow their style, and opt for a classic, retro or witty design - or go the extra mile and order a custom-made mat personalised with their initials or house number. 

Tool kit

Prepare the new homeowners for those odd jobs that are bound to pop up. Whether they’re highly handy or novices, a simple tool kit will equip them with everything they need to hang their pictures or tackle DIY projects. Stick with the basics including a hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape and torch.

Gift card

Settling into a new home is a busy process, and preparing dinner is usually the last priority (especially if the pots and pans are still in boxes). Shout them some sustenance with a dinner or two at a local restaurant in their new area, or let them buy something they really want for the home themselves with a gift card. As well as being an appreciated gift, it’s a great way for your friends to start exploring their new neighbourhood and settle into their space.


Flower bouquets are beautiful, but they are likely to not last longer than it takes to unpack the vases. Opt instead for a tough indoor plant in a pretty pot. Gauge the type by their green thumb radar - if you’re not sure, stick to a low-maintenance succulent. If you’d like to spend a little more, consider signing them up for a monthly plant subscription box.

A nice bottle

Treat the new homeowners to a tasty drop after a long day of unpacking. Perhaps they’re more inclined to toast their surroundings with champagne or wine or are the spirited type who prefer a bottle of whisky or gin. If they’re not big drinkers, bypass the alcohol and gift them a fancy bottle of olive oil. 

incense in the home

A signature scent is a way to mark a new chapter. Image: Getty. 

Pamper pack

Moving can be a stressful time. Consider rewarding your friends that will fill their minds with relaxation, not the stress of opening boxes. Whether it's new bedding, a pamper night in or day out, or a massage to help sooth those muscles after lots of heavy lifting, a pamper is always appreciated. 


The new keys need a new home, too. A keyring is a thoughtful nod to a new beginning. Buy one ready-made in a sturdy material like leather or steel, or order a personalised design with monogrammed letters and numbers. Be sure to order multiples to cover everyone in the home.


A new home brings new beginnings, and hopefully new exciting recipes. Choose a cookbook you own yourself and love or buy one brimming with recipes from their favourite holiday destination. This one comes with a bonus - chances are you’ll be invited for a taste test. If they’re the type to be more interested in two-minute noodles, opt for an interior design book for inspiration.

Signature scent

A scent is a powerful way to mark a new chapter. Give your loved ones a gift that will help them reminisce about their fresh start for years to come. Go for a classic scented candle, a contemporary room spray, or a reed diffuser to help them create the ultimate at-home zen zone. You could even match the scent with soaps or hand wash for the bathroom.

Gardening kit 

Prime their new patch to be the cream of the crop. A gardening kit is a great place to start if your friends have been yearning to grow their own garden. Take your pick between kits containing all the goodness required to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, succulents or decorative terrariums. Throw in some tools or gloves so they can dig straight in with guides on starting a veggie patch or balcony garden.