How to best organise and clean your bathroom

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Posted February 20, 2024

Get your bathroom organised and tidy with these tips and hacks. 

Although it’s where we go to get clean, the bathroom can quickly become the messiest room in the house. Toothpaste residue, strands of hair and an untamed mix of power cords  can contribute to the disarray in one of our most-utilised zones.

But fear not. With a little foresight, some elbow grease and clever storage solutions, your bathroom can be easily transformed into a spotless place where you can feel clean and pampered.

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From decluttering and cleaning to sorting and storing your essentials, here’s how to reclaim your bathroom - and your morning routine.


Bring your bathroom to life with these simple makeover ideas | RACV Trades

Declutter and clean

Begin by taking everything out of your cupboards, drawers and shelves. Do an initial sweep for any rubbish – everything from empty packaging to stray pieces of floss and expired creams. 

Create categories as you go, such as lotions, hair, beauty, as well as personal items for each family member. 

It’s recommended that you move all medicinal items to another room in the house if you’ve been storing them in your bathroom cabinet, as not only can the heat and steam affect their efficiency, but they should remain out of reach for children and pets. 

Have a notepad handy, because now is a good time to list items you need to replace or restock. 

Dust and check your exhaust fan for mould, as it is used to reduce impurities in the air. Also take the time to ensure all bathroom utilities are in working order – hot water is running, toilet is flushing, and check for any leaks in the taps or blockages in the drain or water pipes. Make sure to book a qualified plumber to fix any issues.

Finish by giving your bathroom a deep clean and wipe every surface, including the counters, sink, mirror, toilet, and flooring, with the help of eco-friendly home-based cleaning products.

Organise your essentials

Storing your essentials near your vanity unit gives you easy access to frequently used items.

If you have a cupboard above the sink, this is a great place to house commonly used small items, such as your toothbrush, razor, and moisturiser. 

Larger items like hairbrushes or multipurpose coffee scrub can be stored below the sink, or a place away from view. 

Use your countertop for storage as a last resort. This way you'll avoid clutter. 

Add storage zones

Rather than throwing everything into a drawer or cupboard, use a variety of smaller storage containers to store your contents - just as you would when organising your pantry - and declutter your bathroom. 

For make-up, ensure it's easy to find - and stays fresh - by storing it in separate stackable compartments. 

Use enclosed baskets for shavers and trimmers to catch stray hairs, and invest in larger baskets to store hairdryers and straighteners and prevent cords becoming tangled.

little girl helping clean the bathroom bath tub

Turn cleaning into a game and children will happily help you. Image: Getty


Keep clutter out of view

Use added storage (or your linen closet) to house other bathroom items and back-up supplies like toilet paper, soaps and extra toothbrushes - and keep them out of sight.

Banish the unsightly build-up of multiple shampoo, soap and lotion bottles by transferring them into a larger, matching set of reusable bottles.

Group items in baskets or containers to keep your bathroom organised.

Add extra storage to your bathroom 

There’s always room for storage solutions, even in small bathrooms. 

If you’re limited on space, use hooks, a hanging closet, or an over-door towel rack to hang towels, dressing gowns, or shower caps.

You may also want to organise the kids’ bath toys in a waterproof tray or plastic basket with suction cups for an easy and clean storage solution.

Add some DIY styling to your bathroom

Shelves are ideal for neatly storing items that you want to quickly access, such as face washers and hand towels. You can also style them to reflect your personality, adding items like perfume and jewellery.

If there’s room, add an indoor plant, candle, dehumidifier or room fragrance to keep the air fresh.  

If you’re short on shelf space, a portable trolley on wheels can boost your storage while keeping your bathroom neat and organised.

You may even wish to add features that improve your bathroom’s overall functionality, like a heated towel rack or an extra power point for your electrical products like hair straighteners or electric shavers.

Always book a trusted electrician for any electrical work in the home.  

Regularly maintain your bathroom

As well as regularly cleaning your bathroom, consider reorganising and decluttering every six months to make sure your bathroom stays tidy, organised and clean. 


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