Half of Victorians would buy an electric vehicle

Moving Well | Peter Nugent | Posted on 25 June 2019

Survey finds electric vehicle price, range and charging facilities are top concerns.

RACV members want an electric car they can drive 450 kilometres – that’s just a little further than Melbourne to Albury – without recharging, according to results of our annual survey on electric vehicles (EVs). When they do need to recharge their EV, it should take under half an hour at a cost of less than $20. 

For the third consecutive year, RACV has teamed up with the Electric Vehicle Council* to measure consumer attitudes to EVs, attracting almost 1300 responses. 

While EVs continue to represent a small fraction of Australia’s new car market (0.2 per cent last year) the figure is rising, and more models are being released every year, which will drive competition up and prices down. 

A sky blue electric Hyundai vehicle is driving towards us on a an empty road

The Hyundai Kona Electric, released this year, has a driving range of 449 kilometres, just under survey respondents’ preferred range of 450 kilometres.

57 per cent of respondents would expect to source their electricity from solar panels or battery storage, or from a green power contract if they owned an EV.

RACV members want their governments to do more on the electric car front, with 71 per cent of survey respondents believing governments should be providing incentives to reduce the cost of buying EVs.

Once they buy their new battery-powered machine, most also want the government to provide more public charging facilities (73 per cent) and incentives to install charging facilities in private homes (67 per cent).

Highlighting the connection between home energy and the move towards vehicle electrification, 57 per cent of respondents would expect to source their electricity from solar panels or battery storage, or from a green power contract if they owned an EV.

But how many of us are seriously considering buying an EV? Just under half (47 per cent) of those who took part in the survey said they would consider an electric vehicle if they were in the market for a new car, while 8 per cent said they were currently researching EVs to buy.

The major hurdles stopping them from purchasing an electric vehicle was range, or how far they could travel without charging their batteries, which was a factor for almost three out of every four people (73 per cent). The price of EVs compared to conventional vehicles concerned a similar amount of people (71 per cent), while half of respondents (51 per cent) cited charging as an issue when considering EVs.

The overwhelming message from the third annual survey of consumer attitudes into EVs was that 82 per cent of those who responded want RACV to play a leading role to inform and represent Victorians about electric vehicles. So, the overwhelming message from our members when it comes to electric vehicles is ‘CHARGE!’.

*RACV is a business affiliate member of the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), an industry-led organisation representing and coordinating the broader electric vehicle industry in Australia. The EVC represents companies involved in providing, powering and supporting electric vehicles.