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Danny Baggs

Posted October 24, 2023

Have your say in a new online survey about the safety and future of our homes.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, or you live with friends or family, RACV wants Victorians to have their say in a new online survey about the safety and future of their homes.

The inaugural RACV My Home survey opens today and will be live for six weeks. It takes only around eight minutes to complete. The survey will ask Victorians to rate the safety of their homes, report on what they do to keep their homes safe, and have their say on what they think homes of the future will look like.

RACV Head of Policy James Williams said that the My Home survey could help assist RACV to advocate on behalf of all Victorians about the safety of their homes.

“We want to know how Victorians feel about their homes, what’s important to them, what is most important when it comes to home safety, and what their future home might look like,” he said.

“For example, what motivates you to keep your home safe? Have you ever done a job at home that was dangerous or resulted in injury? What recent changes have you made to your home, or plan to make in the future?”

apartment block

RACV wants to know how Victorians feel about their homes. Image: Getty.

When it comes to home safety, there are three main things to think about: security, accidents, and natural disasters.

Home security

Burglary is top of mind for many Victorians, with thieves targeting everything from the common to the unusual. Common entry-point targets include garages and front doors.

Learning to burglar-proof your home is key to improving your home security. Proper locks, security cameras, alarms and outdoor lighting are all examples of home security options available to Victorians.

Accidents in the home

DIY jobs around the home can be cost-effective, but many require the use of a ladder. Ladder falls in the home are on the rise in Victoria, with nearly half of Victorians falling from a ladder requiring a trip to hospital.

Domestic kitchen fire accidents can occur due to irregular home maintenance, faulty appliances and distraction when cooking.

Remember that some household maintenance jobs are best left to qualified tradespeople, such as electrical work, major plumbing work, roof repairs, and anything to do with gas.

Natural disasters

Victorians can be faced with floods, bushfires or earthquakes. Some Victorians are retrofitting their homes to make them more resilient.

young couple changing a lightbulb on a ladder

Ladder falls in the home are on the rise in Victoria. Image: Getty.

Renters' home safety

“The data also will help us to ascertain if certain age groups, such as older Victorians, feel as safe as others in their homes,” James said. Whether senior Victorians are living in a granny flat, apartment, or downsized property, their input will be invaluable.

“We also want to hear from renters about their experience in asking for improvements or repairs,” James said.

Renters’ home safety is often reliant on landlords or rental providers, putting renters in a unique position to report on home safety. Renters can also make certain changes to properties without the landlord’s permission, such as installing picture hooks and upgrading lights to energy efficient LED bulbs.

senior couple moving into new home

The survey also will help ascertain if older Victorians feel as safe as others in their homes. Image: Getty.

After the survey closes, the results will be released to the public. “RACV will share the results of the survey to create awareness about home safety, and what people can do to make improvements around their homes,” James said. “We will also share the results with government and stakeholders to inform them about what safety in the home means to Victorians, and how we can work together to make people feel safer.”

The RACV My Home survey will join RACV’s Have your say series, including the RACV My Melbourne Road and RACV My Country Road surveys, that listens to Victorians about their experiences and concerns.


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