AC/DC to Kylie: Vintage poster collection rocks music fans

AC/DC music posters

Alice Piper

Posted July 07, 2022

We all remember the first concert we went to or record we bought – and chances are that Nick Vukovic has the exact poster of both in his epic collection of more than 500,000 music posters.  

The art of music posters has long captured the imagination of music lovers across different genres and bands. While most of us might collect a music poster promoting our favourite band, album or concert, for one collector, the passion for music and art runs so deep that it has spiralled into an epic collection of more than half a million music posters. 
Nick Vukovic's love of music posters knows no bounds, with his acclaimed collection featuring everyone from Australian rock legends Midnight Oil, AC/DC and INXS to pop princess Kylie Minogue and festivals such as the Big Day Out and the Sunbury Music Festival. 
The music poster collection, which spans more than 40 years and even saw Vukovic showcase it at the Pasted and Wasted Music Poster Exhibition at Docklands in late 2021, is all thanks to a passion for music that first started as a child.  

“As a child living in Croatia, I used to live in a house where underneath us, there was a man who was a baritone for the theatre,” Vukovic says. “In the morning he would do the scales and it left an impression on me.” 

Watch Nick Vukovic show off his incredible music poster collection. 

Rare and valuable collection 

With many of the original music posters in his collection reflecting the people, places and sounds of the Australian music scene between the 1970s to 2000s, it’s Aussie rock that captures Vukovic’s heart.  

“[I have] the original AC/DC ‘Lock Up Your Daughters' Australian Tour 1975’ poster, which in all my time collecting, I have never seen it selling on the internet,” says Vukovic.  

"It has three lightning bolts where most just have one,” he adds. “[This makes] it extremely rare, and it’s just beautiful.” 

Another favourite in his collection is a vintage poster of Richard Clapton, which Vukovic has protected so it can remain in pristine condition.  

“It has been linen backed and also has eyelets so you can hang it,” he says. 

Vukovic also has vintage music posters of Crowded House at Festival Hall in 1987, Icehouse, Hunters and Collectors, Men at Work, Angus and Julia Stone, Nick Cave, Tempter Trap, Powderfinger, Flaming Hands, The Chemicals, Spiderbait, Hilltop Hoods and the Skyhooks, to name just a few Australian music icons. 


music poster

Vukovic showcased his collection at Pasted and Wasted Music Poster Exhibition in late 2021.


Bringing joy to music fans young and old

With a music poster collection so big, Vukovic is keen to show it off to the world and bring joy to other music lovers. 

“I am extremely proud of my collection,” he says. “Because not only do I enjoy it and my family too, but other people come to see it and leave with very happy memories.”

“People stand in front of the posters and they remember a time in their lives,” he says.  

“It’s very nostalgic and gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness.”


Kylie Minogue and INXS music posters in the collection.
Nick Vukovic and his music poster collection at his home.
Ben Lee, Guy Sebastian, The Bush Workers and other music posters in the collection.

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