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Alice Piper

Posted August 16, 2022

From rare LEGO sets and exclusive sneakers to vintage music posters, these five Victorians have amassed collectible items for very different reasons. Here are their amazing stories of personal collections that are now worth a pretty penny. 

Listening to someone talk about their hobbies, with their face lighting up, is one of life’s great pleasures – and when those hobbies grow into collections that are increasing in value, it makes it even more special.  

For some Victorians, their hobby for collecting specific items started as kids, like George, who would buy $3 packs of Pokémon cards to play with his brother, or Sam who started collecting Nintendo games, consoles, and merchandise from age 12.  

Then there’s Nick, whose love of music posters began as a child growing up in Croatia, where his family lived above a man who was a baritone for the theatre.

Whether your own personal collection or household contents hold sentimental or financial value, or you’re just starting your collecting journey, it’s important to protect your prized possessions in the event of something unexpected occurring.  

5 collectible items appreciating in value

Steven’s exclusive sneakers 

Steven Wei’s collection of flashy and rare footwear, including limited Air Jordan, Nike, and Adidas models, is one of the best in Australia. Sneaker lovers can even indulge in some of the collection in person, with rare editions sitting in his sneaker store KICKSTW in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade. 

Having a love of sneakers since childhood, Wei says, “I played basketball since I was young, and I always wanted a pair of [Air] Jordans but couldn’t afford it.”

After a move to Melbourne when he was 19, Wei put every spare dollar he had into buying sneakers and building his collection. However, with sneakers being so expensive, and funds low, Wei came up with a plan. 

“Back then the idea was to buy two pairs or three pairs, sell those three pairs, and make the money to be able to fund a pair in my personal collection,” he explains. 

Earning enough money to allow his collection to grow, Wei started an online sneaker business, and then a brick-and-mortar store which now allows sneaker lovers all over Melbourne and Australia to find their perfect pair. 

Steven Wei's sneaker collection is a sight to behold.

Aaron’s rare LEGO sets 

LEGO has been part of the fabric of Victorian families for generations, with children building everything from houses and cars to more exclusive sets like Star Wars and Harry Potter collectibles. 

One such Victorian is Aaron, whose fascination with LEGO started as a 10-year-old, when he used his birthday money to buy his first LEGO Technic set and triggering his passion for collecting. 

“I still remember walking out of Big W with this big box in my hand being the proudest child,” Aaron says. “I’ve still got that piece today.”  

Aaron’s LEGO collection houses some of the rarest pieces in the world, including his Superman. 

“It’s AFA graded from the San Diego Comic-Con and there were only 1200 of those produced,” he says. With research showing LEGO collecting can be a lucrative endeavour, with some sets rising in value by more than 10 per cent annually, protecting the collection is an important part of the passion.

Aaron has been collecting LEGO sets since he was 10.


Nick’s vintage music posters

Imagine building a collection of half a million music posters. It’s a step up from most of us who might buy a poster of our favourite band, album, or concert – but for Nick Vukovic this is reality with a vintage music poster collection spanning more than 40 years.

With a passion for music that runs deep, Vukovic has music posters featuring everyone from Australian rock legends Midnight Oil, AC/DC and INXS to pop princess Kylie Minogue and festivals such as the Big Day Out and the Sunbury Music Festival.   

Many of the original music posters in his collection reflect the people, places and sounds of the Australian music scene between the 1970s to 2000s. 

“I am extremely proud of my collection,” Nick says. “Because not only do I enjoy it and my family too, but other people come to see it and leave with very happy memories.”

Watch Nick Vukovic show off his incredible music poster collection. 

George’s rare Pokémon collection

When you start dedicating entire walls in your home to displaying an endless collection of Pokémon cards, you know your hobby has turned into something more special. 

This is the case for George, who says, “I still have a lot of my childhood cards in my collection. They are battered from being in my pocket, being in my school pants. Those are the things that I will keep forever. I won't get rid of those.” 

With Pokémon card trading being a business worth about $97 billion, and values on the rise, it’s worth keeping the cards in pristine condition so their value isn’t impacted, something George is very passionate about.  

“Don’t put [Pokémon cards] in your pocket. And don't put them in the washing machine. I've done that before,” he says.

George has been collecting Pokémon cards since he was 12. 

Sam’s vintage Nintendo collection

Some collectors are so passionate, their dedication to growing their memorabilia knows no bounds, which is exactly the case for Sam who has been collecting Nintendo games, consoles, and merchandise since age 12.

“I would ride my BMX to the local trash and treasure market right through my teen years finding games to add to the collection or sell online,” Sam says. "I would obsessively search eBay each day and connect with other collectors online through local or international forums.”

Sam now has over 2,000 items in his Nintendo collection, ranging from '80s Nintendo merchandise through to obscure game releases like the Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995), and says putting a dollar value on the collection is tough, but over six figures.  

“Nostalgia has been commodified in recent times and Nintendo games, like everything from Pokémon cards through to vintage toys, have become more collectible than ever,” he explains. “Suffice to say, I'm glad I'm not trying to purchase the same games for my collection in today's market.”


Watch Sam talk about his vintage Nintendo collection. 

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