RACV and Chargefox growing Australia’s network of electric vehicle charging stations

woman charging her electric vehicle at a Chargefox charger

David Toscano

Posted September 01, 2022

RACV has invested in Chargefox to help its customers transition to a cleaner energy future.

Electric vehicle sales are growing fast in Australia and so is the number of ultra-rapid charging stations powered by renewable energy.

As more Australian car owners make the transition to electric vehicles, they can feel confident that the infrastructure is there to support them on daily commutes and weekend road trips with more EV charging stations being rolled out across the country.

“As the transition to EV grows, we need to keep our balance of charging infrastructure in the country as well,” says Marty Andrews, CEO and Founder of Chargefox, Australia’s largest EV charging network. “We’ve set a target to grow to over 5000 plugs by the end of 2025.”

Learn how Chargefox is making it easier to transition to an electric vehicle

There are already approximately 3000 public charging stations around Australia, with 450 in Victoria – a mix of standard and fast chargers (less than 50kW), ultra-rapid chargers (350-475kW) and Tesla Superchargers (120kW). Chargefox’s ultra-rapid charging stations can deliver an impressive 400 kilometres of driving range to some cars in 15 minutes and are powered entirely by renewable energy.

woman looking at EV charging stations on her phone

The Chargefox app displays public EV charging stations near you. Image: Shannon Morris

Where to find an electric car charging station near me

You can charge your EV at the rapidly increasing number of destinations charging stations in Victoria and around the country. Many highways and popular road trip routes have fast or ultra-rapid charging to get you back on the road quickly. Use Chargefox’s app to plan your route using the fastest chargers available, both in Victoria and interstate.

“To travel long distances in an EV, you can find public infrastructure particularly on the highways. Chargefox has ultra-rapid stations between the major cities in Australia, where you can stop and charge and while you’re having a break and grabbing a snack,” Andrews explains. “For people who are thinking about buying an EV, we are there, and you can have confidence in us and the infrastructure that will be available, and you’ll be able to be supported as you get out on the road.”

RACV Members save 10% at Chargefox ultra-rapid charging stations across Australia.
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