Rail travel showcases Australia’s innate beauty

the Ghan

Alice Piper

Posted May 26, 2022

If you’ve been looking for a unique way to see Australia that doesn’t compromise on style, adventure and comfort, a rail journey is the travel experience for you.  

When we think about travel, a lot of the time we focus on the destination, as opposed to the journey itself. 

We board a plane, settle into our seat, pick a film to watch and are oblivious of the land and sites we’re flying above.  

Well, it’s time to sit back and take in the incredible vastness and beauty of Australian landscapes as they pass by right outside your window, thanks to premium cross-country rail travel. RACV Members save more on rail experiences such as The Ghan, so there’s never been a better time to broaden your horizons. 

Rail travel is an experience that takes you deeper into the beating heart of Australia. And all the while you can relax, unwind, indulge in premium food and wine, meet lifelong friends, and enjoy unique tailored experiences as you hop on and off the train throughout the journey. 

“Being able to slow down and truly experience your surrounds isn’t something we often get to do when travelling,” says Alicia Triggs, General Manager - Industry Sales at Journey Beyond. “Rail travel really gives you the opportunity to become part of some of the most amazing landscapes Australia has to offer." 

Why you should choose premium rail for your next travel experience

Go deeper into nature than ever before

It’s not often we get to experience the heartland of Australia in a way that truly showcases everything it has to offer, but rail travel truly immerses travellers in their surrounds. 

Joining on The Ghan in Adelaide and making your way to Darwin as part of the Ultimate Territory Tour, you’ll experience Marla, Kata Tjuta, Uluru, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, and Katherine, taking advantage of small tour group numbers and intimate experiences like a guided scenic walk and journey through the West MacDonnell Ranges.

And what’s better, when you take away the frantic nature of other forms of travel like air, bus or car, what’s left is a much slower, more pleasurable and culturally-enriching holiday experience, allowing you to see a lot more of the land, and create fonder memories. 


Sunset at Uluru is a spectacular sight.
Enjoy fine dining on The Ghan.
Animal experiences at Desert Park, Alice Springs.
Telegraph Station dining experience.

Unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else

Imagine dining under the stars at the renowned Sounds of Silence dinner, or seeing the internationally acclaimed ‘Field of Light’ display at Uluru as it illuminates the desert night, or even cruising on the Mary River spotting wildlife including Saltwater Crocodiles and birdlife. 

These are just some of unique experiences travellers can take part in when on a rail journey through the Red Centre and into the Top End, something Triggs says is truly humbling. 

“These nature-based experiences are things people always remember,” she says. “Our previous guests still remember every colour in the sky from witnessing a magical sunrise over Uluru, or swimming at a breathtaking waterfall in Litchfield National Park – you just can’t replace these special memories.” 

Relax in high-quality comfort 

From the moment you step on board The Ghan for a premium rail experience, everything feels high-end, from the cabins and the gourmet and regionally-inspired food and wine, to the staff going above and beyond to maximise your experience. 

"Everything from your dining and fine wines to immersive Off Train Experiences is taken care of on The Ghan,” Triggs says. “People can choose to relax and recharge, or explore the natural landscapes and sample the beauty that outback Australia offers.”

Just imagine rolling through the picturesque landscape of Central Australia, as you settle into your private cabin, reading a book, getting to know fellow travellers, or sipping on some of our country’s best wines.

So, when considering where to go for your next travel escape, premium rail travel can provide the unique and immersive holiday you have been craving, empowering you to appreciate the Australian landscape through a new lens.