Rail travel showcases the best of Western Australia

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Alice Piper

Posted September 23, 2021

When it comes to holidays, you might not find anywhere in the world as good as Western Australia

When you think of travelling by train, often what springs to mind is a crowded commute to work, or perhaps a trip to the country.

But have you thought of a luxurious cross-country rail journey?

Well, it’s time to expand your travel horizons because rail travel in Australia is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Nowadays, it’s an experience where you can truly relax, unwind, indulge in premium food and wine, spark romance, meet fellow travellers, and experience unique parts of the country, all with the ease and comfort of someone else doing the driving.

Excitingly, renowned travel provider Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions is rejuvenating the bygone era of rail transport with luxurious, comfortable and romantic trips celebrating the best Western Australia has to offer, with three carefully-curated rail holiday packages.  

Alicia Triggs, General Manager - Industry Sales at Journey Beyond highlights the truly unique experiences that these packages deliver for travellers. 

“You don’t appreciate how vast it really is until you wake up to witness the sunrise over the Nullarbor Plains," Triggs says. 

Here’s why we think you should wander out yonder with an iconic rail holiday package in 2022.

It's not your typical Aussie adventure

When we think of getting away, we tend to imagine the more quintessential Aussie destinations along the east coast, but really, Western Australia is perhaps the most, unspoiled, unique and beautiful travel experience available domestically.

And when our trusted friends at Journey Beyond are passionate about showcasing the off-the-beaten-track destinations, you can be sure your experience will be the adventure you’re craving, like the Great Western Wonders

Take the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth, where you can jump on and off the train at places like Broken Hill, the Barossa Valley and  Rawlinna. Arrive in Perth and explore Rottnest Island, before making your way to the north of Western Australia and enjoying 3 nights’ accommodation at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef , home to the world’s largest fringing coral reef.

A return to the ‘slow lane’

Already famous in Europe and Japan, train travel is a crowd favourite, because when you take away the frantic nature of air, bus or car travel, you're left with a much slower, more enoyable and culturally-enriching holiday experience.

Take the Rottnest Discovery, a rail journey from Sydney to Perth where you’ll travel in style through Broken Hill and Adelaide, across the Nullarbor Plain and then onto Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

A full seven days of panoramic views and vistas in complete comfort – is there anything more relaxing than that?

An insider tip from Triggs is to really take advantage of the slower pace.

"The 4,352km of the Indian Pacific really allows you get to know some other guests on the train— you can learn about their lives, and why they love rail travel so much. That's probably one of the most special parts of travelling across the continent by rail," Triggs says.


Everything is taken care of

It’s nice when someone else looks after the final details, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you get with Journey Beyond, because you really don’t have to lift a finger – and with more than 90 years in the travel game, they’re unparalleled when it comes to meeting traveller’s needs.

Triggs is also a fan of the relaxing nature of rail travel.

"Everything from your morning coffee to your immersive daily experiences are taken care of. Also, when you travel by train, the destination becomes less important, and the train itself becomes to journey - that's a pretty special thing". 

With Journey Beyond, all hotel accommodation, transfers, gourmet meals and tours for each of their adventures are taken care of, meaning you can fully immerse yourself in the unique experience of rail travel without the stresses of what’s for dinner? or where should we go next?  

Eat and drink in luxury

We get to a point in life where comfort when travelling is a non-negotiable, and Journey Beyond understands that. From the moment you step aboard, the frantic nature of everyday life disappears, and new world of escapism opens up.

As you roll through the picturesque landscapes of Western Australia, you’ll lounge the day away in luxury, sipping on some of our country’s best wines, eating outstanding local produce and relaxing in total comfort, all while you embrace the wonders of a unique rail experience.

And where else would you want to lounge in luxury than the Spectacular Land & Sea rail experience? Starting in Adelaide, you’ll join the Indian Pacific and travel through Cook, Kalgoorlie, Perth, Rottnest Island and finally onto Broome. You’ll experience the incredible Horizontal Falls, visit the wilderness camp at Cape Leveque, visit Cable Beach and even meet the quokkas at Rottnest Island – it’s the ultimate sea lovers’ holiday.  

So, when you’re planning your next travel escape, give rail travel a go across Western Australia – you’ll see a truly unique Aussie landscape through a new lens, come home with amazing memories and you certainly won’t be needing a ‘holiday from your holiday’.