The benefits of travelling locally in Victoria

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Alice Piper

Posted September 03, 2021

In the coming months, experience flexible travel from a different perspective in your own backyard.

In today’s world, travel holds more value than it ever has, with international borders closed and interstate one's touch and go at best, we’ve come to cherish the moments we can get away. These trying times have also forced us (for the better) to get more creative with our travel plans for that much-needed adventure – at home.

Sarah Clark, Managing Director, APAC at Intrepid Travel, says, “Australians are by nature well-travelled people, and we’re now beginning to understand just how much there is to see in our own country and not just overseas”. And as an Australian owned Bcorp with over 30 years of experience providing holiday packages, Intrepid really does offer some truly amazing places to visit.

From eco-friendly lodges in Queensland’s Daintree, where you'll be immersed in our country's rich Aboriginal history, to hiking the Great Ocean Road, with some of the most amazing coastal views we have on offer, these trips are made even more tempting by Intrepid’s Flexi Pledge promise on all domestic trips.

Valid for bookings made by 31 December 2021, the Flexi Pledge offers $99 deposits on Australia and New Zealand trips, with fee-free date changes up to 28 days before departure and peace of mind that if you have to cancel up to 24 hours before departure, your money will be kept on file indefinitely for future travel.

So, to get you thinking about your next break, here are six reasons that will get you planning: 

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Cultural connection

“It’s so important for us to give Australians the connection to our history,” says Clark. “Intrepid is so passionate about that.”

"Spending more time at home has allowed a lot of Australians to understand a lot of the hardships our First Nations People have gone through – and they want to connect to that.” 

With more than 40 experiences hosted by First Nations People, with a strong focus on connecting to Indigenous land, you’re not short of options.

“Everywhere you go, there is something new to learn and someone new to learn from. That's pretty special.”

Lower your carbon footprint

International air travel wins the consumption race when it comes to carbon emissions, but by hitting the road, whether it be in the family sedan, on the humble bicycle or campervan, you’re going to be drastically lowering that footprint of yours.

So, if you’re thinking about road tripping it to your next holiday destination, Intrepid’s five-day hiking tour of the Great Ocean Road is a mere two hours outside of Melbourne, making it perfect for city dwellers looking for an adventurous break.

But if camping and hiking aren’t your thing, don’t worry, because Intrepid has several Comfort and Premium trips, with about 70 on offer! There's something for every type of holidaymaker.

And because all Intrepid’s tours are 100 per cent carbon offset, you can feel good and do good at the same time – win, win. 

Support the local community

Fires, floods and Covid-19 have ravaged small businesses and small communities in the last 18-months, and they could use our help. “Something that’s part of our national identity is to help out your mate. That’s why Intrepid is so passionate about local travel,” says Clark.

“Now is the time to support local if we want these communities to thrive again. We don't always see the devastation when we live in the city, but just a short drive, and we see complete heartache. I think it’s inspiring people to get out and support them.”

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Image: Tourism and Events Queensland 


Less travel time, more holiday time

It was common practice to factor in two days travel time either side of a holiday when visiting places like Europe or the US, but when you’re exploring your own backyard, those extra days travelling can now be extra time to enjoy yourself (with no airport nightmares)!

It also means there’s more time to connect with your family and friends – and after so much time apart, isn’t that what we really want? 

Goodbye tourists

A benefit of going local is there never seems to be too many people. And with Intrepid Travel’s small tour numbers, you’ll never be queuing up in long lines.  

One small tour you can’t go past is a 7-day Queensland Coasts and Islands Adventure. You'll bounce around Queensland's sparkling coast and secluded islands while enjoying an afternoon of snorkelling at Magnetic Island.

You’ll meet the First Nations owners of Mungalla Station, discover the untouched wonders of Hinchinbrook Island and walk through heavenly scenery on Dunk Island – it’s the ultimate beach lovers’ holiday!

Organisation made easy

An organised tour takes all the admin out of your holiday so that you can enjoy just that – a holiday. There's no guesswork, no last-minute mishaps and no unexpected disasters because everything is done with your peace of mind at the forefront.

“We want to make it easy for our customers,” says Clark. “We take care of the lot”.

So, when you’re thinking about your next trip, think a little closer to home and check out all the Intrepid Tours today.