11 things we didn’t expect to miss about travelling

Deciding the next holiday destination

Alice Piper

Posted September 06, 2021

From the frantic airport dash to turning your out of office email on, here are the things we miss most about jetting off.

Chances are, in the last 18 months, you’ve been forced to cancel a well-earned holiday. With international travel shut down indefinitely, our suitcases have been taken in and out of the cupboard more times than we’d like to remember.

As the Melbourne lockdown clocks up more than 200 days, you might be starting to wonder when we’ll ever be able to get on a plane. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of heading to some far-flung destination we can’t pronounce the name of and experience all the wonderful things that come with travelling.

From getting lost in translation to ending up at the wrong train station, here are 11 things we didn’t think we’d miss about travelling until we couldn’t anymore. 

1. Making the actual booking

The euphoric feeling of booking a plane ticket and accommodation is hard to beat. You’ve done the research, booked in your leave, mapped out what you want to do and see, purchased your travel insurance, booked your international drivers permit (hello left-hand drive), and then… click, click, click! Everything is locked in, and the countdown begins.

2. Packing (and re-packing) your suitcase

Do you really need that third pair of sneakers? Probably not. But you reorganise your suitcase multiple times just to see whether they’ll fit. And how about a raincoat? You won’t be needing one because, unlike Melbourne, your destination will be consistently warm and free from ‘four seasons in a day.'

3. Turning on your 'Out Of Office' email reply

It’s the last step before jetting off – turning on your out of office email so you can remind colleagues and clients you’re on holiday, probably lazing in the sunshine and basking in your lack of responsibility. 

4. Breakfast beverages at the airport

When you step into an airport, it’s like all sense of time vanishes. Anything goes – including 7 am breakfast beverages as you wait near your terminal because it’s gotta be 5 pm somewhere, and you’re entering ‘carefree’ mode for the next couple of weeks. 

5. Getting lost in translation

Mustering up the courage to ask for something in a local dialect can take a lot of mental preparation. Quite often, you’re met with a bemused grin at how badly you did, but there’s little doubt about how much the locals appreciate you trying.

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6. The anxiety of missing a connecting flight

Adrenalin pumping, heart in your mouth, and the ‘look at me’ nod to everyone else on the plane waiting. And then the glory, when you navigate a confusing airport in a faraway land and make that connecting flight with mere minutes to spare.

7.  Not calculating currency conversion

Sometimes it’s better not to know how much something costs in Australian dollars. After all, the phrase ‘see it, want it, buy it’ exists for a reason (which is what you’ll tell your spouse when they question if you really need another tourist t-shirt).

8. A clear calendar

Waking up with nothing to do other than what your heart desires isn’t a privilege we often have. But when we’re on holiday, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want!

9. Learning about a new culture

Whether it’s the local cuisine, a local language, or national holidays held so dear by the country you’re visiting – there’s a  warm feeling knowing you understand more than just your own little world, something our trusted travel partners at Intrepid Travel know so well.

10. Surprise and delight

Covid-19 has proven to be the enemy of holiday spontaneity. The Bali trip booked after a few wines on a Friday night or the unexpected room upgrade upon arriving at your holiday resort have been put on hold for so long that we almost forget what they’re like.

11. Counting down to your next trip

The butterflies on the way to the airport, the excitement of new sites, sounds and smells – there’s no doubt that nothing inspires the desire for more travel than travel itself!

While the thrill of international travel is difficult to replicate right now, the next best option to getting on a plane and enjoying the surrounds of a new country is to bring the new country to you. Order a bottle of your favourite tipple, get out some old holiday snaps, or have a dress-up night with family and friends – it will lift your spirits and have you dreaming of more holiday fun in the not too distant future. 

So while we may be inside for a little while to come, planning that sweet escape for when we can is the perfect tonic to our holiday woes.