7 tips to plan a romantic Bali couples' getaway

sunset at seminyak, kuta in bali

Zoe Macfarlane

Posted June 30, 2022

A couples’ vacation in Bali isn’t just an opportunity to spend quality time together, it’s also a chance to try new experiences that create lasting memories.

While many destinations are couple-friendly, Bali is one of the top places to spend time with your significant other. This is thanks to the diverse activities, stunning landscape, and affordable range of romantically-inspiring accommodation – not to mention balmy days and nights.

Bali is already an appealing destination with gorgeous white-sand beaches, lush rice paddy fields, diverse flora and fauna, and abundance of attractions. Add in the island’s affordability, proximity to Australia (it’s only six hours from Melbourne), and the plethora of couple-focused things to do, and it’s easy to see why Bali is a top destination for a romantic getaway.


Things to do on a romantic couples’ getaway in Bali

Flop and drop on Bali’s best beaches

The fastest way to get into holiday mode when landing in Bali is at one of the island’s stunning beaches. Couples R&R time is valuable, as our day-to-day lives rarely leave much time for ‘just because’ relaxation. 

Suluban Beach in Uluwatu impresses with its dramatic cliff faces and sense of seclusion. Plus, the area has incredible dining options for a romantic sunset dinner (check out Mana Uluwatu). For a more secluded beach visit, head to Blue Lagoon Beach. Bali's ultimate romantic beach is surely Padang Padang Beach, thanks to its movie moment in the romantic drama film, Eat Pray Love. It’s a great spot to watch surfers while sipping on a tropical cocktail. 

Prefer to splurge at Bali’s trendiest spot? Head to Potato Head Club, a hip Seminyak day club only a few steps from Batu Belig Beach.

Explore the underwater world around Menjangan Island

Bali’s underwater world is as appealing as its beaches, and no more so than at Menjangan National Marine Park. The turquoise waters surrounding the tiny uninhabited island of Menjangan are teeming with vibrant tropical fish, bright coral reefs, and the wreck of a 150-year-old boat. Snorkel or dive, either way, you’re rewarded with the best of Bali’s marine life.

Menjangan is only 10-minutes by boat from northwest Bali. If you’re visiting in spring, rare Javan Rusa deer swim two kilometres to the island!

Explore Bali’s only national park

Menjangan is part of West Bali National Park, so add a visit to Bali’s only national park to your northwest Bali explorations. 

Spread across 19,000 hectares, the West Bali National Park feels like you’re stepping back in time, thanks to its unspoiled beauty and 100+ species of wildlife. Visitors are often surprised by the diversity here. Rainforests, lowland forests, mountain forests, dry savannas, acacia scrubs, and mangroves call the park home. 

While you may be wondering what’s romantic about a visit to a national park, West Bali National Park’s remoteness and the opportunity to spot deer, rare birds, and the famed ebony leaf monkeys (only found here and in Java), make for the kind of day out to tell your future grandkids.


couples riding on motorbikes in Bali

Enjoying a motorbike ride with your partner is another fun Bali activity.

Enjoy a unique look at nature on a swing

For a romantic day out - and evidence of it – book a visit to one of Bali’s swings. In-hand and harnessed, you and your plus one will gently swing over terraced rice fields or against a lush forest backdrop in a giant tandem swing. 

While there are several companies offering tandem swing rides, Bali Swing is probably the most famous. The attentive staff ensure your safety, as well as taking care of all the Instagram-worthy photo opportunities as you swing high over the forest canopy. 

Bali Swing also has bird nests, a romantic bed perched high, and a heart-shaped rock, all geared towards that idyllic couple's pic.

Watch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Nothing says romance more than sunset at a historic monument, so head to Uluwatu Temple (Puru Luhur) with your special someone. This cliff-top temple overlooks the Indian Ocean and is one of six spiritually significant temples in Bali. Uluwatu Temple is impressive by day, but more so at night as the setting sun appears to light this Hindu temple up. 

Close by, the daily 6 pm Kecak performance takes place. This traditional Balinese ritual entails chanting, dance, and body percussion in a lively performance. 

From the temple, head to the candle-lit seafood restaurants of Jimbaran Beach to continue your rom-com worthy evening.

Make food (and memories) in a Balinese cooking class

Balinese dishes are often a highlight of any visit, with an abundance of restaurants, cafés, and street vendors tantalising your tastebuds. Share the Balinese passion for cooking in a private or group cooking class. When you get home, you can recreate your favourite Bali flavour memories.

Typically, a Balinese cooking class starts at a local fruit and veg market, offering insight into the range and diversity of produce available. Once you’ve collected your ingredients, you’ll head to the kitchen to make two or three courses together. Accompanying the step-by-step instructions, you’ll also learn about Balinese gastronomy and the local attitude to food.

Splurge in Bali’s boutique shops

While matchy-matchy outfits may not be your couple’s style, shopping for dapper outfits can be a fun way to spend an afternoon together.

For hip and quirky vibes, head surf-side to Canggu. Whether you’re looking for clothes, shoes, homeware or unique Balinese artefacts, Canggu has an array of stylish boutiques to choose from, from budget to high-end. 

If you both enjoy wandering local markets, the Love Anchor market is on daily, with great clothing and homeware, as well as a bustling atmosphere. For a chill, lesser-visited market, head to Niki Natural Art Market.


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