The best unique luxury cruises to do in 2024

Scenic Cruises in Antarctica

Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted October 19, 2023

Travel to exotic locations without sacrificing comfort and indulgence on these luxury cruise ships.

Imagine taking in the magical castles of Vienna, the unspoilt surrounds of Antarctica, or the ancient canyons of the Kimberley in unadulterated luxury. Some of the world’s best and most authentic travel destinations can now be experienced by water – empowering you to enjoy the journey and the destination to their absolute fullest.

An all-inclusive luxury cruise is a way to explore faraway places and have travel experiences on paths less travelled. Intimate experiences from providers like Scenic Cruises cater to travellers with detailed itineraries, knowledgeable guides, personalised butlers, and one place to unpack and call home. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of your travel destination, without sacrificing on life's little luxuries.

Whether you're seeking adventure, cultural immersion, or simply a lavish escape, an adult's luxury cruise is the best way to cater to a traveller’s desires, from couples to friends and solo adventurers. 

Pack your passport and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime to the world's most extraordinary destinations offering luxury cruise experiences. 

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The best luxury cruises in the world to do in 2024

Top End cruises to the Kimberley region: A journey through Australia's Last Frontier

The destination

Heading on board a cruise from the Top End to the remote and untouched Kimberley region is a fabulous way to explore the world’s oldest culture and natural beauty that few travellers have truly experienced in depth.

Western Australia's Kimberley region spans over 400,000kms and encompasses extraordinary wilderness, waterfalls, coastline, cliffs, and other natural phenomenon unique to Australia.

Cruise in luxury through breathtaking landscapes, towering falls, ancient rock formations, and pristine waterways, with opportunities to explore closer by foot, air, and sea to understand the vastness of one of the earliest settled parts of the Great Southern Land.

The on-board experience

On board, the expert discovery team also provide insightful commentary, ensuring you don't miss a single highlight.

From the comfort of your lavish balcony suite, you can discover the rich Aboriginal heritage of the region and explore the majestic King George Falls.

Explorers on this cruise can also choose from a wealth of experiences, from hiking to caves that explore artworks from the history of the Ice Age, to adding on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to helicopter over the Montgomery Reef.

Once back on board the all-inclusive, 6-star ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht, you can recover from a day exploring in the sun with a range of classes including Pilates, yoga and meditation; or head to the spa to experience a range of infrared and relaxation saunas, lounges, and therapies. 

Come nightfall, choose from up to 10 different dining experiences with all-inclusive beverages, from fine French dining to heading to your own culinary masterclass, or take a visit to the night market, an eight-course themed flavour journey. You can then leisurely retire to your suite, calling on your personal butler for a nightcap before drifting off to the smell of the ocean.

Travelling between Darwin and Broome, the 11-day Kimberley Discovery Experience is the perfect way to cover this Australian piece of paradise while enjoying world-class amenities, excursions, dining, and experiences.

Take a scenic helicopter from your luxury cruise ship to Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley region. Image: Scenic Cruises
Take a spectacular Coral Expedition on a Kimberley Cruise around King George Falls. Image: Scenic
Experience the wonder of the untouched waters of Antarctica aboard a luxury vessel. Image: Shutterstock
Visit one of Earth's natural wonders and see magnificent wildlife up close. Image: Scenic Cruises
Floor to ceiling views mean you never miss out on the breathtaking landscapes, even from your own suite. Image: Scenic Cruises
Unwind at the onboard Scenic Eclipse Senses Spa Relaxation Room. Image: Mislav Mesek

Luxury Antarctica Cruises: The White Continent's Ultimate Luxury Cruise

The destination

People who have travelled to this remote land of great white wonders are few and far between.

For those seeking an adventure like no other, a luxury Antarctica cruise, like the Antarctica In Depth, is an unparalleled way to experience the most remote and pristine continent on Earth without having to lift a finger.

On this 13-day all-inclusive luxury cruise from Argentina to Antarctica, sail through icy waters to marvel at towering glaciers, untouched icescapes, majestic mountains, and curious wildlife.

Take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to disembark for guided hiking, kayaking, photographing, and spotting of natural wildlife on Antarctica including penguins, seals, whales, and over 40 varied species of birds including albatrosses and blue-eyes shags.

You can also elect to experience more of the icy continent by submersible or helicopter with the specialist onboard discovery team, or take a polar plunge into the Antarctic waters before warming up aboard your luxury vessel.

The on-board experience

After a day of adventure, hop back on the Discovery Yacht, where you can warm up and enjoy your creature comforts and the luxurious amenities, including fine dining experiences, spa amenities, a panoramic observation deck and luxury suites – all with a dedicated butler catering to your every need.

Expert naturalists and scientists onboard the luxury cruise provide fascinating insights into the ecosystem of Antarctica, making this journey an informative and awe-inspiring experience.

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Cruise the Danube for an enchanting Eastern European adventure. Image: Scenic Cruises
Have a rejuvenation session at the onboard Scenic Salt Lounge. Image: Scenic Cruises
The luxurious Observation Lounge on board the Scenic Eclipse. Image: Scenic Cruises
Scenic views, private butlers, unlimited beverages and luxury experiences. Image: Scenic Cruises

Luxury River Cruise Europe: Unveiling the Continent's Hidden Gems

The destinations

Fancy a cruise along the Danube? Europe’s iconic waterways and most charming locales truly come alive on a luxury cruise.

From the romance of classical music and the Schönbrunn Palace to the enchantment of travelling through the waterways of the Black Forest, these cruises offer a fresh perspective on some of the continent's most picturesque destinations.

Starting with a three day stay in the Czech Republic's capital, Prague, the Danube in Depth with Prague then includes a 10-day all-inclusive luxury river cruise through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. 

Immerse yourself in the continent's rich history and culture, visiting charming villages, exploring historic landmarks, and indulging in exquisite European cuisine.

Take in the magic of Bavaria by visiting the birthplace of Mozart in Austria; hearing Prague’s 14th-century Astronomical Clock chime at the strike of 12; going beer tasting and sausage making in the caves of Germany; exploring the castles and vineyards of Austria; and taking a dip in the thermal baths of Budapest, just to name a few of the lavish experiences on your itinerary.

The on-board experience

The 5-star luxury cruise provides a more intimate and personalised experience, with plenty of time to experience your destinations, as well as dedicated periods to relax, unwind, and indulge.

From heading on guided tours, excursions, e-bike rides and interactive encounters, to on-board yoga classes, drinks at the bar, or simply relaxing at the on-board sun lounge, your luxury cruise can go from a day of activities to one simply reading a great novel in peace. 

Explore a choice of five world-class on board dining experiences; complimentary beverages with a daily refreshed minibar; on board Wi-Fi; and an extensive rooftop deck for taking in those spectacular views.

In the evening, slip into your robe and unwind on a private balcony suite, finishing with your personal butler pouring you a glass of sparkling under the stars.

The best part of an all-inclusive approach is that every aspect of your journey, from gourmet dining to guided excursions, is taken care of, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy your surroundings.


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