The ultimate bucket list trip to Canada and Alaska

Pine trees with snow capped mountains in the background and train driving through

Mia Woolrich

Posted April 13, 2022

The panoramic cities of Calgary and Vancouver, the majestic landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, and the breathtaking waters of British Columbia and much more - there’s never been a better time to embark on a once in a lifetime trip in Canada and Alaska.

International travel is back and what better way to celebrate than to tick off a bucket list trip to Canada and Alaska. While planning a long overseas holiday can feel a little overwhelming after Australia’s hiatus from international travel, innovative journey providers such as Travelmarvel are empowering Australians to explore some of the world’s greatest natural wonders, all while enjoying the creature comforts and security that a well-designed tour offers.

There’s no need to worry about travel logistics or which destinations are must-sees, just enjoy the jaw-dropping sights from the land and the sea and you’ll be treated to some magnificent landscapes.

“The beauty of this area is quite literally breathtaking. The views and natural splendour you are able to experience makes for a life-long memorable holiday,” says Travelmarvel’s North America Product Manager Brooke Rolley.

Must-see destinations in Canada and Alaska

Calgary and the Canadian Rockies

Starting in Calgary, also known as ‘Cowtown’ or ‘Stampede City’ due to its infamous annual rodeo festival, you’ll be treated to small-town charm with big-city atmosphere. Friendly locals, great Western Wear shopping, and world class steakhouses can all be found in Calgary. It’s here you’ll also get your first glimpse of the majestic Rockies, which is just a couple of hours drive away.

Your first stop in the Rockies is Banff National Park. Known for its phenomenally coloured lakes and high mountain peaks, Banff is Canada’s first national park and one of the world’s most famous alpine destinations. The Park is also home to some iconic locals; there’s a good chance you’ll get to see caribou, wolves, black bears, and maybe even a grizzly.

Banff is simply breathtaking from any angle, but a birds-eye view is next-level amazing. We recommend embarking on a heli-flightseeing tour to take full advantage of the dramatic landscapes.

The ‘Jewel of the Rockies’, Lake Louise, is also a bucket-list destination that is even more jaw-dropping in person than in photos. Home to the famous turquoise lake and even more soaring mountains, this is the also the perfect starting point of the Icefields Parkway journey. Known as one of the top drives in the world, the parkway is also home to the phenomenal Athabasca Glacier.

This 10,000 year-old sheet of ice is an exhilarating place to see via a rugged ice explorer vehicle, which allows you to step off and walk on the glacier and even drink some of the purest mountain water.

Jasper is another picture-perfect Rockies town that will delight the senses. Home to Alberta’s largest national park and tallest mountain, Mount Columbia, Jasper is a must-visit. Some of the main attractions here include the Maligne Canyon gorge and the local wildlife viewing. Elk roam wild through Jasper, and it’s not unusual to see them right in town. The cozy township is also the perfect spot to post up for a night and refuel at one of the many elegant restaurants and friendly pubs.


Take a train through the Rocky Mountains and sit on the outdoor viewing platform.
Travel through the Banff in style on wagon ride.

British Columbia

The bustling west coast seaport city of Vancouver is a great urban pitstop between all the natural sightseeing. Known for its thriving art, music, and restaurant scenes, a few nights here will keep anyone entertained.

Whistler, an international mecca for mountain sports, is another town that offers something for everyone. Hopping on a unique floatplane flight is one of the best ways to see Whistler, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and valleys.

Taking in the sights of British Columbia is also truly magical from the water, and what better way to do it than by embarking on a world class cruise through the famed Inside Passage. Sit back, relax, and make yourself cozy in your own private cabin while travelling north from Vancouver to Alaska through this pristine coastal route.


See the bears on a Blue River Safari in Canada.
Canada is home to both grizzly bears and black bears.


Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, is a magnificent introduction to the most northerly state of the U.S. Known as the most picturesque capital city in the country, Juneau is sandwiched between snowcapped peaks and turquoise seas and is a true photographer’s delight. Another feast for the senses in Juneau is the famous Alaskan wild salmon. Make sure you sample this local dish cooked over an open alder wood fire, best served with one of the fantastic locally made ales.

History buffs will love the Alaskan towns of Skagway and Ketchikan. In Skagway, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Alaska’s gold prospecting days and Ketchikan offers an insight into the region’s Indigenous Tlingit culture. A visit to the Saxman Native Village is a must-do to see gorgeous Native American totem poles and handcarvers at work.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of a Canadian and Alaskan adventure is the jaw-dropping scenery, and what better way to cap off this trip by cruising through the waters of the Inside Passage to the World Heritage-listed Glacier Bay National Park.

With rugged mountains, dynamic glaciers and deep sheltered fjords, the scenery here is unforgettable. Because the ecosystems within the park are so diverse, so are the animals. From the comfort of the cruise, local rangers will offer fascinating insights into the park’s inhabitants from the bald eagle to moose, wolves, and the rare blue glacier bear.

With international travel finally back, now’s the time to book this once in a lifetime trip and treat yourself to the unforgettably unique sights and culture that this special part of North America has to offer.

“We have been working hard with our Canadian suppliers to showcase the best of Canada and Alaska, and our premium tours, which are outstanding value for money, do exactly that,” says Rolley.


boat travelling across water with snow-capped mountains

Westerdam Glacier Bay, Alaska. 

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