Top 5 travel hacks for your best Australian holiday yet

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Alice Piper

Posted March 21, 2022

From booking flights off peak and being flexible with your travel dates, to relying on Wi-Fi instead of data roaming – these travel hacks will transform your next holiday. 

Travelling is one of those great joys that not only brings new experiences, but memories to last a lifetime. And while travelling can take some organisation and planning, there are ways of doing so to really maximise the experience.  

With interstate travel well and truly back, many people are itching to get back on a plane and start exploring again, because there really is no better feeling than heading off to a new destination and experiencing all the cultural and natural wonders that come with it.  

“We speak to people every day who are looking for a holiday that delivers adventure or relaxation, within their budget,” says General Manager Partnerships at Intrepid Travel, Yvette Thompson.  

“The key is knowing how to travel in a savvy way,” she adds. 

So, whether you are into walking or cycling, looking to eat your way through a country or take the family on an unforgettable adventure, these travel tips can be the difference between a good holiday, and a great one.

Travel hacks to get the most out of your holiday


Understand your budget

Whether you’re looking for a premium getaway like the Red Centre, or an active adventure like cycling through Victoria’s High Country, chances are you have a holiday budget in mind.  

“That’s one of the most important things when getting the most out of your holiday – understanding your budget and working within the limits,” says Thompson.  

“With so many trips on offer throughout Australia, and various styles of travel available from basic to premium, there's an amazing travel experience for everyone and trip style to suit budget and preferences," she adds.

Book flights off peak and be flexible with travel dates 

Popular travel times such as school holidays, Christmas, and other key moments in the year are a lot more expensive to travel due to the increase in demand for flights. And thanks to increased flexibility in the workplace, many organisations empower their staff to work from home for one or more days.

This means when searching for flights, there is no need to fly out late on a Friday night and return Sunday afternoon. Instead, giving yourself a few days either side of your ideal date can help you to find a more affordable alternative, and if your work life allows, simply pack your laptop and work from your holiday destination.    

Instead, booking your holiday during a quiet period, or 'off season', can help make your flights more affordable - and you won’t be fighting for leg space on the plane either! 

Destinations like Hobart and Southern Tasmania or Tarkine and Cradle Mountain are great destinations for winter, as many people will be heading up north to Queensland – just remember to pack your puffer jacket, beanie and gloves.

Red Centre, Uluru.
Bike riding through Bright.
Mount Wellington, Hobart. Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Glenn Gibson.

Add extra luggage to your flight in advance

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and discovering you've gone over the weight limit with your luggage, and have to fork out extra money on the spot. 

Avoid these costs by increasing the luggage weight limit at the time of booking (if your chosen airline doesn't add it on as standard), or if you're just going for a weekend, pack lightly and take carry-on luggage only. 

Book with RACV and save 

When booking your holiday with RACV Travel and Experiences, RACV Members get great savings and discounts with partners like Intrepid Travel. 

“Booking directly can mean significant savings,” says Thompson. “Not only do you save money, but RACV consultants will know the best offers in market, like a $1 deposit on a trip where you can pay the balance later,” she adds.

Rely on a local

When travelling within Australia, you're bound to find a whole host of locals just itching to show you their part of the world through their eyes, helping you understand the destination on a deeper level than you otherwise might. 

“Local information centres are great for connecting with local guides,” says Thompson. 

“Or even strike up a conversation with someone in a cafe or restaurant, you'll be surprised how willing people are to show you around the local haunts,” she adds.

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