The ultimate guide to Gumbuya World

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Danny Baggs

Posted June 26, 2023

Ready to visit Victoria’s biggest theme park? Here’s everything you need to know about Gumbuya World.

A little over an hour from RACV Inverloch, Gumbuya World is a great Aussie theme park to take the family to these school holidays. With a water park, theme park and wildlife trail, there’s something for everyone at Gumbuya World. Here's everything you need to know to make the most of your day out.

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Your guide to visiting Gumbuya World

What is Gumbuya World?

Gumbuya World is Victoria’s only water, wildlife and theme park. It has four distinct parks: the Oasis Springs water park, the Oz Adventure theme park, the Outback Explorers kids’ park, and the Wildlife Trail animal park.

What is there to do in Gumbuya World’s Oasis Springs?

Oasis Springs is Gumbuya World’s water park, filled with eight epic waterslides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and much more.

Test your mettle on waterslides like Boomerango, where you’ll shoot up a nearly vertical wall before gravity takes hold and plunges you back down, or dive into darkness on the Taipan slide, full of spine-tingling spirals and high-banking turns. Race your friends on the Red Belly Racer waterslide to the finish line and brave the two twisty Tiger Snake Tango slides.

Families can enjoy the relaxing 300 metre Lazy River on inflatable tubes, with a faster rapids section for some heart-racing fun. There’s also a heated wave pool called The Break that holds two million litres of water and supplies gentle waves to splash around in. The Rock Pools are gloriously warm hot tubs where you can unwind and watch the kids play around areas like Typhoon Island: a five-platform aquatic jungle gym with water guns, spray nozzles, mini slides and a giant tipping bucket.

You can even learn to surf at Oasis Springs on Surf’s Up, a special attraction that requires advance bookings. Kneel or stand on the board as you learn how to turn, drop and climb the waves.


four kids riding the Red Belly Racer slide at Gumbuya World

Race your friends and the clock on Gumbuya World's Red Belly Racer waterslide. Image: Supplied

What is there to do in Gumbuya World’s Oz Adventure?

Oz Adventure is Gumbuya World’s exciting thrill ride park.

Gumbuya World’s two biggest, most thrilling rides can be found here. The space test-themed Project Zero launches riders 50 metres into the air, reaching 5Gs of force and speeds of 105km/h. The Rebel is even wilder, reserved for 14-year-olds and up, since it swings daredevils around at speed.

If you’re after something a little less scream-inducing, turn the gold rush into an adrenaline rush on the Mining Race Coaster or strap into the suspended family rollercoaster TNT that weaves and glides through a replica demolition yard.  

Younger children will enjoy the Tree Swing as they’re spun around sky-high with amazing views. Rush Hour is another fun one for the kids, with tilts up to 45 degrees and spins in all directions in the world’s craziest traffic jam.

What is there to do in Gumbuya World’s Outback Explorers?

Outback Explorers is Gumbuya World’s theme park catered to young children.

There are six exciting kids’ rides at Outback Explorers, from the gentle thrills of the swinging Outback Pirate ship to the drag-racing roadsters at Outback Pursuit. The Desert Derby dodgems are great fun for the whole family, as is the classic teacup ride Berry Twirl. Tiny four-wheel drive fans can climb aboard a convoy of big-rig trucks at Gerry’s Roadhouse and drive around a circuit sounding their horns. Finally, the family can hop aboard Ray’s Express for a roving tour around Gumbuya World.

There’s also a kids’ playground located outside the Outback Café, so the kids can work off some energy on the jungle gym while you’re recharging with some caffeine.


family of four riding the dodgems at Gumbuya World

Kids young and old will love the Desert Derby ride in the Outback Explorers park. Image: Supplied

What is there to do in Gumbuya World’s Wildlife Trail?

Fifty-two animal species call Gumbuya World’s wildlife trail home, including Australian icons like wombats, wallabies, koalas, kangaroos and dingoes; endangered animals like tiger quolls; native and exotic birds like galahs, owls and macaws; and cool insects and reptiles like bearded dragons, snakes and crocodiles in the dark, climate-controlled Critter Cave. Kids will also love the cute and cuddly animals at the Animal Farm, where you can pat and feed baby goats, lambs, ducks, chickens and more.

Make sure to check the Feeding Times Board at the top of the Wildlife Trail so you don’t miss out on exciting Ranger interactions with the animals. The Rangers will also share fun facts about the animals and answer all your wildlife questions.

For an extra fee, you can also book close-up encounters with the dingoes, koalas, macaws, pythons, mountain pygmy possums and more. Otherwise, the Walkthrough Enclosures allow all Wildlife Trail guests to stroll amongst some of the animals for an authentic wildlife experience.

How much do Gumbuya World tickets cost?

General admission to Gumbuya World currently costs $39 for adults, $34 for children (toddlers under 90cm come for free) and $25 for seniors (60+). When the water park re-opens in November, ticket prices will increase to reflect the additional rides.

Wildlife Only day tickets cost $25 for adults, $19 for children (toddlers under 90cm come free) and $16 for seniors.

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young child interacting with a kangaroo

Get up close to the kangaroos along Gumbuya World's Wildlife Trail. Image: Supplied

Where is Gumbuya World located? What are its opening hours?

Gumbuya World is located at 2705 Princes Highway (M1) in Tynong North, Victoria. It’s an easy 50-minute drive south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, and a little over an hour from RACV Inverloch.

You can check Gumbuya World’s calendar to see specific hours for each day. There are several types of schedules at Gumbuya World:

  • Wildlife Only: 11am – 4pm

  • Rides & Wildlife: 11am – 4pm

  • Rides & Wildlife Nights: 3pm – 8pm

  • Water, Wildlife & Rides: 11am – 5pm or 10am – 6pm.

Can I buy food and drink at Gumbuya World?

Gumbuya World has three onsite cafes offering a large range of hot and cold food and drinks for purchase, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. 

Guests are also permitted to bring in their own snacks and water bottles (no glass containers allowed for safety reasons), but hot food items, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


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