Hotelbeds Booking Conditions


The end consumer shall be liable for obtaining the documentation required at destination (such as visas, ID’s, passport, medical documents etc.) and HB shall not be liable for any circumstance or expense incurred due to lack of documentation or non-compliance with any requirements.

It is understood that the end consumer shall carry with him/her all his/her luggage and personal belongings when travelling by land, irrespective of the location within the vehicle where these are stowed, and that such luggage and personal belongings are carried at his/her own risk. End consumers are recommended to be present during handling, loading and unloading of any items of luggage.

With regard to transport of luggage by air, by rail, by sea or by river, the general terms and conditions applicable to the applicable transportation companies shall apply, with the ticket being the binding document between the aforementioned companies and the end consumer. In the event of any damage or loss, the end consumer shall at that time make a claim to the applicable transportation company.

In any case HB will not be responsible for the end consumer’s luggage. 

Accommodation Services


Special conditions for children are agreed upon with each service provider and are not based on any one criteria; therefore, and given that each accommodation establishment/supplier applies its own special conditions or discounts, the end consumer shall enquire about this point when making his/her booking.

Accommodation services: Such discounts or special conditions must be understood as applicable only when children share a room with 2 adults.

COTS (UK) /CRIBS (US) – Cots/cribs and its availability is subject to the accommodation establishment’s confirmation. In the event that this service is required, please indicate this when making the booking, as some accommodation establishments have a limited availability of such items. This extra service can be paid by the end consumer directly at the accommodation establishment, if required.

Third Person in Accommodation Services

Almost all accommodation establishments will treat a booking for a third person as a double room with an extra bed. The end consumer shall consult the supplement and/or discount applicable for an extra bed to be occupied by an adult, as this varies depending on the accommodation establishment. There are accommodation establishments with very few available extra beds, so it is imperative that the end consumer ensures their availability when making his/her booking. Failure to do this may result in non-availability of the extra bed at the accommodation establishment, with no right to claim any service provision or amount whatsoever from HB.

No Show in Accommodation Services

No show by the CLIENT’s end consumer at the accommodation establishment without prior warning shall be considered a cancellation.

HB shall inform the CLIENT of charges payable, which may range from the cost of one night to 100% of the cost of the booking.


Unless dully processed by HB, the CLIENT shall not be allowed to reduce the reserved period of stay or requested service, nor change the names of the end consumer once booking has been confirmed.

Any such changes shall be deemed to be a cancellation of the booking.

Modifications to extend the reserved period shall be subject to availability; in the event of an extension, the price shall be modified accordingly.


In the event of withdrawal of the Travel Service purchased, the CLIENT shall have the right to be returned all amounts paid with deduction of the amounts, if any, which may have accrued in terms of cancellation charges.

Cancellation costs may vary depending on the destination, dates and relevant accommodation establishment.

If for exceptional reasons the cancellation is not made via the Website, it must be sent in writing to HB detailing the destination and booking number. HB shall send an acknowledgement of receipt and inform of all the charges, if any, which may be applicable. The CLIENT shall be responsible for obtaining the confirmation and/or acknowledgement of receipt of the cancellation of the booking by HB. Any charges for cancellations made directly by the consumer with the accommodation establishment which are charged by the supplier to HB shall be paid, in turn, by the CLIENT to HB.

Claims for reimbursement by an end consumer leaving the accommodation establishment before the reserved departure date (early check-out), must be addressed to HB within 20 days of the effective date of departure, together with written confirmation from the accommodation establishment of time and date of departure.

For no-shows or early check-outs, the accommodation establishment may charge the full amount of the original booking, in which case reimbursement to the end consumer shall not apply.

Bookings may be cancelled by request of either Party with no penalty whatsoever in a Force Majeure event (as defined in this Agreement), which may affect the various destinations and, specifically, the location of the accommodation establishment at destination, as well as the country of origin of the end consumers.


  • Throughout the year, some accommodation establishments may change name or trade name, which shall not be construed as a change of accommodation establishment or modification of the booking.
  • In some countries, there is a local tax known as "visitors' tax", “city tax” "tourist tax" (or similar) and other fees including (but not limited to) resort fees or service charges, which shall be paid directly by the end consumer at the accommodation establishment and/or at the airport.  HB shall use reasonable endeavours to provide, at the time of booking, an estimation of the applicable fees and/or local tax(es) attributable to each individual booking and payable at the time of booking and/or locally on arrival (“Local Tax/Fee Estimation”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, HB does not warrant that the Local Tax/Fee Estimations shall be accurate and the CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that the Local Tax/Fee Estimations are provided as estimates only. The CLIENT further acknowledges that Local Taxes and Fee Estimations, may change from time to time.  As a result, HB cannot be held liable for any loss, costs or damages incurred as a result of the provision of such Local Taxes/Fee Estimations. Confirmation of and the accuracy of the Local Taxes/or Fee Estimations is ultimately the responsibility of the CLIENT.
  • The categories of the accommodation establishments have been provided by the accommodation establishments themselves and are in accordance with specific regulations applicable in each country. An accommodation establishment in one country, therefore, may not be similar in terms of services and quality to an accommodation establishment in another, despite belonging to the same category.
  • HB provides the information supplied by the accommodation establishment regarding the existence of works of refurbishment or renovation of the establishment, as well as duration thereof. HB shall not accept claims for works about which it has not been informed or which extend beyond the planned date of conclusion thereof.
  • In some countries the legal adult age may differ depending on the relevant local legislation. It will be the sole responsibility of the end consumer to ensure that he/she is at least of legal age in order to check in to the accommodation establishment.
  • Most accommodation establishments may request a holding deposit on credit or debit card from end consumers upon arrival at the accommodation establishment for incidental charges incurred during the end consumer´s stay, including but not limited to, long distance telephone charges, room service, resort fees, in-room movies, damage or theft of property belonging to the accommodation establishment, mini bar usage and other such amenities. The CLIENT is obliged to inform about this requirement to end consumers.

For clients based in the United States:

For statistical purposes only, HB shall provide CLIENT, via a separate email, a chart with an estimated percentage of the sales tax rates applicable to each accommodation establishment in HB’ portfolio of accommodation establishments. The estimated tax percentages are non-binding and are based on tax and price information provided to HB by its independent third party suppliers. HB makes no representation regarding the accuracy, truth, quality, suitability, or reliability of any such information. The tax information and rates included in the estimate may not be the actual taxes imposed upon CLIENT, should not be interpreted as the taxes HB actually pays, and are subject to revision and change by the applicable tax authorities, without notice. Therefore, the use and reliance of this information by CLIENT is strictly voluntary and CLIENT hereby releases HB from and against all liabilities and penalties imposed upon CLIENT for doing so.

Car Rental Service

The car rental reservation services will only be available through the access to HB’ website. A car rental reservation (whether confirmed or not) through HB’ website does not constitute a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services. A contract will be entered into between the end consumer and the car rental company at the time of rental and will be governed by the laws of the country of rental.

The car rental service contract is entirely between the end consumer and the car rental company.

The car rental reservation XML integration is provided by HB´S affiliate company, Micronnexus GMBH (trading under the commercial name “Carnect”). The CLIENT agrees to enter into a separate commercial agreement with Carnect which will regulate the conditions for such integration. 

Transfer Service

The following additional Terms and Conditions apply to the CLIENT’s booking transfer services through HB system.

HB agrees to carry the end consumer and his/her luggage on the journey permitted by the Travel Services booked with HB, subject to these special Terms and Conditions of carriage and any special conditions applicable to the services booked.

Up to the date of the service provision, the CLIENT has the responsibility to keep HB informed and up to date on flight/train/boat arrival and departure times, and any other services that may be required will be organised based on the information that the CLIENT provides. If the information supplied is incorrect, HB will not be held liable and may not be able to guarantee correct service provision.

HB is not obliged to carry any child under the age of 14 unless that child is accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or over. In some destinations children under the age of 2 may be charged a fee for occupying a seat, in others said child may travel free if accompanied by a full fare-paying passenger over the age of 16. Children over the age of 2 require a booking to be made for them.

Child restraint systems: HB will take all reasonable measures to ensure that its suppliers confirm availability of child restraint systems sufficiently in advance. Additional charges may apply. Child restraint regulations differ across the world. The Client shall verify those regulations in the destination of the end consumer’s transfer and act accordingly in order to avoid mishaps on the spot.

The service booked may only be used by the end consumer(s) named on the booking or for whom it has been purchased, and may not be transferred to or used by anyone else. The end consumer that requests the XML booking-form must have the authority to do so from all the other travellers in the group and confirm that the people named on it accept the booking conditions, and is responsible for the full cost of the service, including any cancellation or amendment charges. He/she will inform other members of the party of confirmation details and any other appropriate information.

Bookings. Booking requests for transfers must be made at least 48 hours before transfer time. Communication of the confirmation of the booking shall be made via the XML Integration of HB.

Once the transfer booking is completed, a voucher with the reference number will be displayed on the screen. The voucher must be printed and presented as proof of booking. The end consumer shall check that the information included is correct, otherwise HB should be contacted immediately. HB will not accept any liability in case the end consumer is not in possession of the printed bonus.

Voucher. The voucher will show all the information necessary to reach the boarding point. The voucher will also show a contact telephone number of the supplier and HB for checking the booking and informing about contingencies.

HB advises the end consumer to request transfer service confirmation no less than 24 hours before service time.

Modifications. The destination and pick-up addresses on the voucher are the addresses where the end consumer will be delivered and picked up. Any modifications to a booking requested by the end consumer will be subject to an administration charge as well as any change in the rate to be charged if the collection point is more than two kilometres from the booked collection point. HB also reserves the right not to provide the service if the service is very different from the original Travel Service booked. Modifications made less than 48 hours prior to the time of travel will be subject to confirmation and may incur additional charges depending on applicable cancellation policies. HB must be informed of any modifications to the flight number.

Cancellation. End consumers are entitled to cancel the transfer through the HB system. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the time of travel. HB will refund the money subject to the cancellation policy.

No reimbursement to the end consumer shall be made in the event of cancellation less than 24 hours before the time of travel.

No-shows A no-show by the end consumer without prior warning shall be considered a cancellation.

No reimbursement to the end consumer shall be made in the event of a 'no-show' without prior consultation with and express authorization from HB, who shall inform the CLIENT of charges payable which may vary up to 100% of the amount of the booking.

Information for the booking of the transfer service is provided by the CLIENT. The voucher must be checked for errors.

The end consumer must take the voucher with him/her whenever he/she travels on a service, and must produce the voucher for inspection when requested. The end consumer must take care of the voucher.

Spoiled or tampered vouchers. If the voucher is spoiled or tampered with it will be invalidated and if the end consumer travels with it, he/she will be considered to have travelled without a voucher.

If the voucher is spoiled or tampered with before travelling, then HB may replace it with proof of purchase, passenger identity, and a reasonable explanation as to why the voucher was spoiled or tampered with.

The end consumer must make sure he/she is on the correct service and meets any service on which the end consumer is travelling at the relevant boarding point.

The end consumer should arrive at the boarding point for a service at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for that service.

If the end consumer arrives later than the scheduled departure time, HB may give the seat to another end consumer, in which case the first-mentioned end consumer will be considered to have missed the service. HB shall not be liable to the end consumer if he/she misses any service or suffers any loss, economic or otherwise, as a result of his/her late arrival, and shall not be obliged to hold up any service to wait for the end consumer, or to provide a seat on any other service if the end consumer misses a service.

All transfers will be carried out on the day stated on the voucher. The end consumer must allow plenty of time in order to arrive in time to connect with air travel services or other forms of transport provided by other carriers.

Airlines suggest that end consumers be at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of their flight.

If the end consumer misses his/her flight or it is delayed, HB can provide the end consumer with a document he/she may require for insurance purposes (if subscribed) to cover the costs of the new transfer. Additional costs may have to be assumed by the end consumer.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, transfers from the airport may be automatically delayed if the flight suffers a delay.

The end consumer undertakes to comply with the particular rules established by the transfer Travel Service supplier during the transfer service.


End consumers are entitled to ONE SUITCASE and ONE piece of hand luggage each. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. The service provider may charge a fee for any excess luggage.

HB must be informed of items such as, but not limited to sports equipment (golf clubs, skis, windsurf boards etc.) and electric wheelchairs. Any voluminous item will be subject to an additional charge, except for voluminous items needed by their owners for personal disabilities, such as electrical wheelchairs. Extra charges may be made at HB’ absolute discretion and depending on the transfer supplier and the destination. Such extra charges must be paid before departure otherwise HB may refuse transport of the aforementioned items.

Luggage must be clearly labelled with the end consumer’s name and destination address.

It is understood that the end consumer shall carry with him/her all his/her luggage and personal belongings, irrespective of his/her location within the vehicle where these are stowed, and that such luggage and personal belongings are carried at end consumer’s own risk. End consumers are recommended to be present during handling, loading and unloading of luggage.

Transfer Service

HB reserves the right (and delegates to its drivers and appointed agents the right) to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or the other passengers. Under these circumstances HB reserves the right to refuse any reimbursement and no alternative transfer service will be provided.

End consumers are not allowed to consume alcohol on any of the vehicles. The one exception to this rule is when it has been agreed in writing by HB with end consumers utilising a Limousine. In such cases reasonable amounts of alcohol consumption during the transfer is allowed. Smoking is not permitted, except where express permission has been given by the driver.

The end consumer(s) shall be responsible for all damages caused in the event of abnormal or vandalising behaviour.

Confirmation of departure pick-up and location

End users are recommended by HB to use all the options provided on their voucher to confirm their pick-up time and location. If end consumers do not confirm the pick-up service, it may be cancelled by the service provider and no-show charges applied. HB may also contact final customer for these purposes.

In the exceptional circumstance of end consumers failing to obtain the pick-up time and location, it can be verified at

If during theirstay at the destination end consumers are diverted to another accommodation establishment, the pick-up and location of the transfer may vary, which should be confirmed by telephone in advance. The service provider may apply additional charges.

Pick-up and drop-off point

HB will not accept any liability whatsoever (including but not limited to alternative transport costs and telephone calls) if end consumers are not at the pick-up point assigned at the specified time on their reservation voucher.

In some destinations, service providers cannot guarantee that transfer pick-ups and drop-offs will be to and from the accommodation establishment’s entrance. HB will inform end consumers of this circumstance on their vouchers and during the reservation process. The pick-up and/or drop-off point may also vary as a result of specific limitations in the area where the accommodation establishment is located, such as traffic restrictions, pedestrian areas, roadworks, traffic conditions, etc. When any such restrictions occur, the vehicle will stop at the nearest pick-up and/or drop-off point accessible to the accommodation establishment.

Arrival services – Delays

In the event of delays at customs or during baggage reclaim, the end consumer must contact the service provider as soon as possible, using the telephone numbers provided on the service voucher. HB cannot guarantee that the transfer service will be provided if the waiting time exceeds the length of time contracted, and the service provider may classify the delay as a no-show.

If the transfer service pick-up point is at an airport, port or railway station, and the flight, boat or train is diverted, delayed or cancelled, HB recommends end consumers to contact the service provider using the telephone number provided on the transfer voucher.

HB will do everything in its power to adapt the changes that need to be made to the new situation. HB accepts no liability in the event of the service provider applying additional charges as a result of any change in the pick-up dates.

Private transfers: If the information supplied by the CLIENT and/or end consumer is accurate and updates are provided up to the date of the service, the service provider will check the status of the flight, boat or train in the event of any delay, and will arrive at the pick-up point at the updated arrival time.

If the end consumer’s flight, boat or train is delayed by up to three hours from the estimated arrival time, the service will be provided in accordance with the updated time on the day of the service.

If the end consumer’s flight, boat or train is delayed by more than three hours from the estimated arrival time, or it is cancelled or diverted, leading to an arrival time more than three hours after the originally estimated time, the end consumer must contact the service provider to confirm the new arrival time and availability of the service. In this case, the service provider may apply an additional no-show charge up to the full cost of the reservation.

Shared transfers: The transfer provider is not responsible for confirming arrival times of the flight, boat or train. In the event of any delay, cancellation or diversion, the end consumer must contact the service provider, which will then allocate the service to the next departure vehicle available (subject to availability and times of service). HB will not be held liable in the event of any additional charges as a result of the end consumer’s relocation, or as a result of having to search for an alternative service due to this circumstance

Departure services - Waiting time

Transfer times are calculated depending on the traffic and number of stops en route. When booking a shared transport service, the travel time may be longer to allow for several stops to pick up/drop off passengers. Pick-up for a shared transfer service to the airport may be some hours before your flight.

If the end consumer’s transfer has not arrived at the assigned pick-up point 15 minutes after the previously confirmed pick-up time, and the end consumer has followed the procedure stipulated on the voucher by calling the transfer provider to request the service, the end consumer must seek an alternative method to travel to the airport, in order to mitigate any possible financial losses. The end consumer must obtain a receipt for the alternative transport to the airport, and send it to HB. HB will conduct an investigation with the service provider to clarify the situation and determine liability for the parties, and the full cost of the alternative transport service may then be reimbursed. HB will not be held liable for any additional costs in the event of the flight, boat and/or train being missed.


HB shall use reasonable endeavour to ensure that vehicles arrive on time to begin the period of hire and that they reach their destination on time. Vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third-party claims, as required under local laws.

If HB were to fail for any reason within its control to deliver the end consumers to their confirmed destination, HB will provide suitable transport such as another coach, private car, taxi etc. Any reimbursement made by HB for the costs of an alternative means of transport incurred by the end consumers to reach their ticketed destination shall be no more than the cost of reaching that destination by taxi.

HB shall have no liability for any delay or failure to carry the end consumer or for breach of contract when caused by a Force Majeure Event.

HB’ maximum liability to the CLIENT and/or end consumer(s) for any reasonable and foreseeable loss, damage or liability which the end consumer(s) may suffer or incur as a result of HB’ failure, breach of contract, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of HB’ employees, shall be limited to the booking price for the transfer booked.

Vacation rental services

Some countries require that end consumers make a formal registry at the accommodation establishments and in these cases end consumers will be required to show their IDs/passports.

Some accommodation establishments require a refundable deposit and payment of non-refundable fees for services by end consumer in destination. In case this is applicable, it will be informed at the time of booking and this information will be shown in the voucher. Accommodation establishments will manage their procedures for return of the deposits, HB has no responsibility over this process.

Rating of each accommodation establishment has been done by HB following internal procedures, this categorization may not follow the same standards as for accommodation establishments.

Maximum capacity of each accommodation establishment is informed at the time of booking, the accommodation establishments reserve their right not to provide the services if the number of end consumers exceeds the maximum capacity as well as to evict end consumers from their property.

The vacation rental properties are intended for vacation use, other uses (including but not limited to business uses, party plannings) are prohibited. Each accommodation establishment has its own pets policy. The Client and the end consumers shall refer to the information shown at the time of booking.

Cancellation policies for vacation rental may vary from accommodation establishment to accommodation establishment. The applicable cancellation policy will be informed at the time of booking and be shown in the voucher.