Should your next boat battery be an AGM?

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The AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery was originally designed for military applications where high performance and durability in extreme environments is required.  AGM batteries have a number of features that make them the premium choice for marine applications.

Firstly, their vibration resistance is a key strength that enables them to withstand the constant vibration often experienced in marine applications.

AGM batteries are able to withstand cycling far better than a flooded battery.  Cycling is the process of discharging the battery to run your on-board electrics without the motor running, and then recharging it again either via your engine’s alternator or using a battery charger.


Another benefit that make these batteries appealing is the fact that they are not flooded, which means they will not leak battery acid; even if the battery case is cracked or damaged.  This also means that AGM’s can be mounted in any orientation without the risk of leaking - even upside down if required!

So, what’s the downside?  They do have a higher initial cost however this is offset by a longer service life if the battery is maintained correctly, which means charging them as soon as practical after being discharged.  Although your boat’s charging system can charge the battery, the best solution is to use a quality multi-stage battery charger to ensure the battery is kept at 100% charge when the boat is not in use.


RACV Marine offers a choice of Marine AGM batteries as well as high quality flooded batteries designed for boating.  Our battery technicians can help you decide which battery is right for your boat and motor.

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