Inspiring Inverloch

Five different ideas for your next corporate retreat on the coast

A coastal retreat fit for your team-building needs

Want to take your team's performance to the next level? No matter what sector you work in, an off-site corporate retreat or workshop on the coast is one of the best way to get everyone on the same page.

A different perspective

Whether you're working for a government department, in the education sector or within a corporate multinational, it's important to ensure that your teams are efficient, focused, and productive. Despite this, it's difficult to affect change in your organisation when most teams are preoccupied with getting day-to-day tasks completed.

Gathering the team together for an off-site retreat or workshop out of the city is a smart way to capture everyone's attention and provide some much-needed perspective away from the distractions of the office.

Depending on what you want to achieve, these five corporate retreat styles deliver different benefits well worth considering:

The wellness retreat

A corporate retreat focusing on rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit is just what the doctor ordered for stressed out teams that need to cultivate more work/life balance. From taking gentle walks in nature to cultivating inner peace during an early morning yoga session, and relaxing in the spa and sauna, RACV Inverloch Resort has facilities and activities perfect for a corporate wellness retreat. There's even Gin & Yin Yoga on offer for guests who like the idea of a slow-paced, alfresco yoga session accompanied by relaxing music and a dash of gin.

Woman receives back massage in spa
people at meeting table

The leadership retreat

With calendars jam-packed with meetings, conference calls and travel, it's difficult for leaders to carve out space and time for themselves. Offering a chance for leaders to regroup, work on strategies and develop plans for the future, RACV Inverloch Resort is a great spot for a private leadership retreat away from the diversions and interruptions that offices often present. Offering spacious living areas, ocean views, an extensive deck and kitchen, the resort's premium villas are a great space for leaders to get together in small groups. Flexible meeting spaces including stylish boardrooms set the scene for brainstorming sessions, mastermind group get-togethers, and intimate meetings.

The active retreat

Instead of sitting inside all day taking part in planning sessions, working energetic activities into the retreat agenda is a winning strategy for active teams that love a challenge. From taking part in a round-robin tennis competition on one of the resort's courts, to snorkelling in the nearby Bunurong Marine Park rock pools and trying stand up paddle boarding as a unique teambuilding exercise, Inverloch is the perfect playground for an active corporate retreat.

group of people snorkelling in open water
close up of tennis court net

The fun retreat

When you're focused on meeting targets, budgets, KPIs and deadlines, it's often easy to forget how to have fun with your work colleagues. Taking time out of the office to inject some fun into your work life will boost your team's ability to connect, communicate and collaborate. RACV Inverloch Resort's recreation room is packed with ways to bring teams together in the pursuit of fun. Featuring a pool table, table tennis, pinball machines, classic arcade games like Daytona, bean bags, couches and a wall-mounted television, this casual space encourages guests to unleash their inner child.

The day retreat

Whether you're dealing with time constraints or a limited budget, a day retreat or workshop is a solid alternative to a longer, more costly residential retreat. Spending an action-packed day down on the coast, focusing on planning, brainstorming and listening to keynote speakers (with lots of breaks to enjoy delicious food, fresh sea breezes and stunning ocean views), RACV Inverloch Resort is a top location for a memorable day retreat that won't break the bank and enable everyone to get home to their families at the end of the day.

view of surrounds from balcony at inverloch