New ways to ensure your next corporate event is a winner

Grazing tables, dessert carts, and experiential activities are just a few of the ways event organisers are transforming corporate events from tiresome to awesome.

Thankfully a new era has been ushered in, with corporate event organisers coming up with innovative ways to make events RSVP-worthy.

As National Sales Executive – RACV Conference & Events, Cassandra Geneopoulos sees firsthand how the corporate event scene is changing for the better thanks to new trends and emerging developments.

With every client having a unique brand personality and desired outcome, Cassandra recommends tailoring each event to suit the client.

“It’s all about understanding the client brief, brand and values, and then rolling out an event that meets their requirements,” explains Cassandra. “Essentially, it’s all about interpreting their overall marketing objectives and then making sure their events accurately reflect the client’s brand and strategy.”

Despite each event being a unique proposition, Cassandra has seen some clear trends emerge in the corporate event scene. Here are a few trends to watch:

It’s all about grazing

The days of sitting down to a traditional 3-course meal with alternating main courses are over. Yes, you probably won’t be asked ‘chicken or beef?’ the next time you attend a corporate event. Contemporary event organisers prefer a more free-flowing approach, with grazing tables offering more variety and a chance for attendees to interact. A more casual approach compared to a formal, sit-down dinner, elaborate grazing tables covered in cheese, fruit, savoury snacks, small plates and more enable event organisers to capture a more tactile, organic feel than in the past.

RACV Hobart antipasto platter
RACV Royal Pines Resort buffet
RACV Royal Pines dessert buffet


Flexible menus

The #cleaneating trend isn’t just for Instagrammers and wellness bloggers. Event caterers are getting better and better at offering a wide variety of healthy-yet-delicious food options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. From vegan to gluten-free, caterers are excelling at providing tasty options for people following special diets. Forget about stale sandwiches, bland baked goods and stodgy stews sitting in bain-maries. These days, the best event caterers are offering inventive, fresh fare designed to nourish all attendees, no matter what diet they are following.

Redesigning dessert

A highlight course for many diners, dessert looks very different to how it used to. What was once an afterthought for many chefs and caterers, dessert is now front-and-centre at many events. Instead of getting a predictable slice of chocolate cake, eventgoers are now more likely to be treated to a whole buffet of after-dinner treats thanks to the emergence of dessert tables and carts. Laden with a variety of sweet morsels such as small cakes, slices, pastries, chocolates, strawberries and individual pots of pannacotta or mousse, buffet-style dessert carts and tables are a genius way to ensure guests get the dessert they want. They also have a strong pull on social media, with elaborately decorated dessert buffets proving to be Instagram gold for event organisers that want to drive brand engagement.

Playing with balloons

Balloons fell out of favour for a while there, but now they are back and being used in more creative ways than ever before. Instead of having a few simple balloons hanging on string in an event space, event organisers are now interspersing extravagant balloon installations with foliage and props to create eye-popping event backdrops.

Bold Blooms

Bold blooms

Fresh flowers never go out of style, but how they are presented changes from year to year. Bold, seasonal blooms arranged into floating flower garlands and individually hanging floral heads is now preferable to single bunches set in a vase in the middle of a table. A mix of high and low floral arrangements on tables creates a varied, natural look as compared to more uniform floral designs of the past.

True Colours (and textures)

Forget staid, traditional colour palettes. Corporate events have evolved to the point where organisers can take more risks and make bolder choices when it comes to the look and feel of the event. Mixing a modern look with an industrial look is currently on-trend, with a metallic aesthetic combined with clean whites and neutrals proving a winner. Transparent décor goes well with this theme, especially when matched with trending colours schemes such as gold, copper and marble. This juxtaposition of colours can also be extended to textures, with the mixing of different fabrics and natural, raw materials giving corporate events a less traditional vibe.

Blue velvet couches against wall

Getting Social

Encouraging attendees to interact and engage with each other is the core driver for many event organisers. Including experiential activities on the event agenda is one way event organisers are getting attendees out of their seats. Photo booths with fun props and interactive digital art canvases not only help people come together but also offer great social media opportunities that give the event life beyond the timeframe in which its held.

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