Shaped by nature

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Uncompromisingly dramatic and stunningly beautiful.
The winds, tides and seasons come together to create one of the most special corners of our country.
In this rare and raw location, Mother Nature is the ultimate influence.

A structure shaped by the elements

The elements of soft rolling dunes, wild winds and the famous coastline of Cape Schanck has influenced the exquisite architecture and themes of the new resort.

The ever shifting shell-like colours and the golden warmth of the sand and stone have left a mark on the resort’s unique palette and have created an environment that will conjure a mesmerising reaction from the moment you cast your eyes over this new landmark on the Mornington Peninsula.

A menu shaped by the seas and soils

The freshest ingredients have been carefully selected to create a menu of signature dishes and matching local wines that offers some of the finest culinary experiences on the Mornington Peninsula.

Partnered with some exceptional local producers and farms to offer dishes that truly echo the local flavours from the Cape.

From the biodynamic meats hot off the grill to the freshest sustainable seafood from the local waters you’ll be sure to leave our newest resort with an unwavering desire to return for more.

A resort shaped by the landscape

The resort’s very form and function has been designed with the local landscape in mind and the building’s framework and design even evokes the detail of an object that has been slowly revealed by natural erosion and provides a constantly changing and shifting profile as it is viewed from various points around the site.

The peninsula’s coastline is expressed within its walls from the sensual curvature of its corridors to the soaring spaces that offer incredible views stretching as far as Melbourne’s skyline to the wild rugged shores of the Bass Strait.